Miss(ing) Kacy

About 5 months ago, I met Kacy. She began her job a week after my start date, and we were clueless in a little cubicle together. And we liked it that way. We both figured out pretty quickly that chaos rules the roost there (neither of us work there any longer), and it annoyed the shit out of us. So, nothing made us happier than being crammed into the corner cubicle, giggling at the crap we heard through the flimsy walls. Well, the only thing that made us happier was food. And lots of it.

When things got to be too annoying for us, we would escape. We would run across the street and grab a few homemade cookies or walk to 7-11 and drool over the tasty-looking donuts (and end up buying fruit!). Sometimes we ran errands, and ended up at a petstore, where we played with the cats available for adoption.
We ate lunch out a lot. (I'm pretty confident that is where some of my extra poundage has come from.) And then when we returned to the office, we would immediately begin instant messaging each other, even though we were in the same cubicle.
Almost 2 months after being stuffed in one cubicle, our company moved 2 doors down, and we both got our very own cubicles, right next to each other. And that is when the catty remarks began from other co-workers, who happen to be older than both of us:
"Oh, do you guys miss each other?"
"What are you going to do now that you're not attached to each other's hips??"
"Can you handle being away from her?"
It was rather annoying, and only added more fuel to our instant messaging.
The catty-ness didn't end there. There was constant drama about the stupidest stuff, and a couple of those women need some serious long-term therapy. Ultimately, the catty-ness is what helped Kacy make the decision to leave the company. Once she left, it was far too quiet around there, other than the catty bitches who ran her off.
Now, Kacy has made the decision to leave Texas, and move back to New York to live with her mother and aunt. She will be attending school there, and no one needs to pass up the opportunity to attend college FOR FREE. She leaves tomorrow.
Kacy is much younger than I. MUCH. But when you talk to her, you wouldn't know she is still a teenager. She is a fairly strong girl, and she does well all on her own. I think that she will move mountains wherever she goes.
Good luck, Kacy! Stay strong, take care of yourself, and don't let anyone push you around!
Love ya!


Danielle said...

She's super cute!

Good luck in NY!!

MP said...

I have some younger friends too..one here at work too. I think though if it wasn't a work relationship and "real life" that we would have never been friends.