Music Lover Monday

I had this great post about 'Make out' songs, and POOF! It disappeared. Sigh.

So, instead of trying to recreate the fabulousness that was my post, this is what you get.

I have a free trial of Sirius in my Jeep, and so far, I haven't really jumped into satellite radio. But this morning, I randomly decided to listen to 'Shady 45', which is hip hop, and two songs in a row almost made me swerve off the road head-first into a tree.

I like hip hop, rap, and R&B, for the most part. I marvel at the lyrics, the rhymes, the rhythms. There are some complete geniuses in this part of the music industry. Check out Common, or Ludacris, Busta, or Lil' Wayne. Their lyrics are just genius and I am in awe sometimes.

I would also have to say that not all of it is quality. Some of it sucks. Some of it makes me cringe, at the ignorance, the racism, the bad lyrics.

And as much as I love these two artists, I would have to say I was cringing when I heard these songs this morning. Check them out, but I give you fair warning: Neither of them are suitable for work, or around kids!

Ice Cube-A Gangsta's Fairytale


OMG. They are just vulgar! And I feel like an old hag saying the word vulgar, but there's no other way to describe them! Yet, somehow, I still love these two men, as artists. Figure that one out.

Any vulgar songs you can't even stand to listen to?


Anonymous said...

Ummm no...cuase I've never listened to them..does that make sense?

I hate that Kid Rock ruined 2 songs but other than that I only know more of what I like than don't like. I like Akon, Sean Kingston, Sean Paul, the kid that sang Chain Hangs Low..

Then again by the time I hear this stuff it's the PG13 version.

Anonymous said...

Uh...Ice Cube is ALWAYS vulgar and Eminem is all about the shock value. I'd like to throw Nas into your list of great rappers. I think he actually has something to say in his lyrics and I think it's funny how he attacks the media and the government in a lot of his stuff. I am over Lil Wayne already...

Lauren said...

Vulgar doesn't mean less gifted. Had I lived their lives (pre-fame), I'd probably be a little rough around the edges and vulgar too. Ya know? ;)

Biddy said...

i'm a country girl myself. so basically, all rap & hip hop is difficult for me to listen to!

please still be my friend ;-)