People, I am ashamed of myself.

I fell in love on Tuesday.

No, not with another person.

Or another dog.

Look, I love clothes. My guilty pleasure: great necklaces with equally-great bracelets. Closely following: shoes. Oh, and purses. Oh, and books. Definitely books.

I don't shop at Nordstrom. Or Macy's. Nothing against those places, but honestly, I am a bit uncomfortable with the rich feel of them. I feel, well, out of place! But....

I walked by Anthropologie. I have driven by it before, and sorta "ooooooo"-ed and "aaaahhh"-ed but I have never gone in the store, let alone walk by it. But this time, I actually walked by it, and it literally SUCKED ME IN. Holy shit, the doors were open, and right in front was this beauty, and now I WANT IT. I even tried it on. I don't even know what I was thinking!! (How about "That is soooooo me"?)

Why do I feel guilty, you ask? Well, because the price tag is just "ouch". And I can't really justify buying it. I mean, really? But then I get all mesmerized by the embroidery and the soft material, and the gorgeous neckline, and.....

holy shit, it's $198!!!!

So, besides allowing you to drool with me (seriously, click on the link, and check it out up close. The back is gorgeous too!), I posted this stupid thing to ask those of you who might know:

Is it even possible that this dress would actually be in my size when it's put on clearance? Are the clearance racks at this place worth going through? I mean, will this dress even been on the clearance rack? I must have this damn dress.


Holly said...

I love that mother-freaking store! I want it all! I don't think I'd fit their idea of a large size - but I WANT.

We don't have them up here so I've never felt them up in person...but hopefully some day. Sigh.

Biddy said...

sigh...it's so pretty!

too bad NOTHING in that store fits even my pinky

Kristie said...

I saw that dress the other day and I want it, too. I bet we are similar in size, so maybe we can buy it together and share it. Dress custody, even. Without the pesky divorce laywers.

(Seriously, go buy it if you love it. If you truly adore it will serve you well for many many years.)

Sarah said...

Oh I think you should get it! It would be great to wear for the holidays coming up. You can wear it with tights and you know what you have been working hard ..splurge once and a while

Mary O said...

I am an Anthropologie lover too. I used to live within a couple of blocks of one, and I would go in when I was stressed, upset about something just to feel better. I mean, the SMELL of the store, the MUSIC, the FEEl of the soft fabrics. It's heaven.
I say, treat yourself for all of your hard work and buy the dress. There is no way you can know if it will ever be on clearance. Usually really good items don't make it there. But I do recommend looking through the clearance racks, because a lot of good basic things like soft pants and tops you can find for a much more reasonable price.

CP said...

I agree with the commenters above: if you truly love it, buy it. Consider it a reward for yourself for all that you have been doing and accomplished. Allow yourself this one luxury and then treasure the dress as the one thing you actually did for yourself. GO BUY IT TOMORROW.