Why this Monday sucked more than any other Monday EVER

Well, if you have been sucked in by Twitter like I have, you saw my Twits/Tweets all day. If not, here it is in a nutshell:

Came home from the deer lease yesterday afternoon. Garage floor full of water. Thought maybe, just maybe it was our old fridge out in the garage, that tends to piss on the floor every once in awhile, although I had the thought that the fridge did more than piss. Anyway, then I go inside, and sit down on my girl's bedroom floor. It didn't feel wet, but when I sat on it, my pants started to get wet. Odd.

Then, later, I open the fridge and it is full of water. About an inch in each of the drawers, on all the shelves, and all in the bottom. WTF? Super odd.

Then I go into my closet, which is on the other side of the wall where my fridge is, and the carpet is soaking wet. By this time, I think I must be off my f-ing rocker. What the hell is going on here?

I take a closer look at all the walls, baseboards, and door frames. Lots of bubbling paint, lots of baseboards pulling away from the walls. Hard to explain, but if you are looking down on my house, the garage is in the lower left-hand corner, master bedroom in upper left, kitchen & dining basically in the middle of the house, living room in upper right, and other bedrooms and bathroom in lower right. The living room is not wet at all. The very front bedroom is not wet. It's just really odd.

I had to cancel going to a friend's pizza party at her home, which upset me and my girl. We were sooo looking forward to it. I spent an hour cleaning up the inside of the fridge. That's when the wood floor (which makes up most of my house) started to buckle and curl. My husband came home; we checked the water meter, checked the fire sprinkler system, check the AC, the water heating system, the washer, etc.

This morning the plumber and home builder came over. At the same time, I opened my fridge. Guess what? It was full of water again!!! And overnight, more of the floor started to buckle, and my bedroom carpet became pretty damn wet. It was getting worse.

(By the way, just a little sidenote: my house is just at one year old!!!)

Here's what we know for sure: our damn fridge has a leak in a valve. It leaks about every 10 seconds, and it's near the back of the fridge. The water never pooled; it looks like it just seeped into the wood floor. It is nothing we did wrong, nor the builder or plumber. So far, this fricking fridge has caused all this.

The restoration company came this evening. We have 4 de-humidifiers. We have over 20 industrial fans blowing. They did testing on all the walls, floors, and baseboards. They put tape where the water damage is. It's unreal. We are talking 18 inches up the sheetrock in the living room. 2 foot in the dining room. They pulled the entire pad up under the carpet in my bedroom, my closet, and my girl's room. My house sounds like the f-ing Windy City.

Depending on how much of the floor needs to be replaced, they may very well have to rip out our kitchen cabinets, since they were built on top of the floor. They are already splitting at the bottom anyway.

The insurance guy comes tomorrow. We have a friend who is a homebuilder, and actually built some of the homes in our neighborhood. We are probably going to rent a home from him, while everything is being fixed. We are being told it will probably take about 2 months, not counting the time off during the holidays. Lovely. F-ing lovely.

Tonight we are debating on sleeping in this wind storm of a house, or going to a hotel. Tonight I sit on my couch drinking a bottle of wine (yes, I said bottle). Tomorrow we debate putting our shit in a POD and moving to an apartment, or walking our shit down the street and renting another house while this gets fixed.

So, tell me, how was your Monday??


Kristie said...

Oh shit lady, I had no idea it was that bad. You guys are welcome here if you need a place to stay. I have a guest room that's not being used.

If you need ANYTHING let me know!! I'm free all this weekend!

CP said...

FUCK. Seriously? FUCK. I am so sorry this has happened. I hope your insurance coverage kicks in with no hassles. I don't even know what to say to try and make it better.

Oh wait! Your dress. THE dress. It's ok, isn't it? :)

ya ya's mom said...

oh man, that sucks. i'm so sorry you have to go through this. hang in there.

Biddy said...

damn...that sucks ass.

thank GOD for insurance, right? my parents had an ordeal kind of like this last year, right before christmas. they gutted the bathroom and had it redone, but have held off on the kitchen for now. of course, if my mother had her way, they would completely transform the kitchen into a giant closet.

Dynamita said...

You know what? I've changed my mind, you SHOULD sue the fridge company. Maybe they can pay for your alternative accommodation.

Anonymous said...

You win. Worst Monday EVER.

I hope you...dry out?...soon!

Mary O said...

I am so crying for you right now. Seriously, what a nightmare!
I hope everything gets fixed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That seriously SUCKS! I hope you get your home in order soon! BTW...Monday's ALWAYS suck. Just not usually THAT bad...