And then.....

(No 'And then'!!!!) (Anyone know what movie that line is from??) (You don't get a dang thing from me if you figure it out) (I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only females that loves this movie, so I'm thinking Alan will know what movie I'm talking about) (Or not).

And then I fell over from exhaustion. My paper is done. I turned it in without re-reading it. Who knows what my very sleepy, 3 am brain wrote?? No telling! It was interesting material, but after soaking myself in over 100 pages of research on self-cutting, I am thinking I want to curl up in a ball, cry, and then sleep.

Oh, and eat. Lots and lots of comfort food, please.

I promise I will have more to say after I get some rest!


Sarah said...

Isn't that from Dude Where's My Car?
Anyway, good job on the paper! Whenever I turn in my papers I just want to dance a very exhausted jig!

Heather said...

We say "and then?" all the time. =)

Anonymous said...

Sarah: Yipee! You rock! I love that dang movie! I did a very exhausted jig on my way to my bed this morning. Aaaaah. The relief! Now I need a good nap, since my Starbucks was AWFUL this morning.

Heather: I ALWAYS say 'And then...' even before that movie came out.

Jennie said...

Hey, hope you get a break from school soon and definitely get a nap squeezed in somewhere!

moo said...

Me! Me! ::waves hands frantically::

Dude, Where's My Car?(!)

ah crap .... can see I wasn't the first to get it right. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I wouldn't have gotten that one...DAMN! Well...glad you finally got through your paper and now you can concentrate on the ones who really matter...your bloggy friends! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer: Thanks! I crashed hard after class that night!

Moo: YES! You got it! :)

Alntv: You didn't know that? Have you even watched that silly movie? Oh, it's just genius. You must watch it. :)