Behind on the 365 Days of Grace thing

As usual, life gets in the way. Sheesh. Okay, let's catch up since January 7th.

8. My husband's full-out laugh while watching a silly movie.

9. My mom's unsolicited 'I love you, baby.'

10. My brother's not-too-often hugs.

11. When my sister actually agrees with something I say, or is excited about an idea I suggest.

12. My daughter's snoring through the baby monitor.

13. My husband reaching out for me in his sleep, when I am wide awake.

14. Daisy's unabashed excitement when I walk towards her with a bone in my hand.

15. Watching amazing men ride bulls.

16. A mini fruit tart from La Madeline on a shitty day.

17. Seeing new-found friends the first day of a new semester.

18. Getting the giggles in class with a friend.

19. The blessing of a healthy child.

20. Walking outside early in the morning & listening to the birds.

21. The memory of seeing my cardiologist almost exactly 2 years after my surgery, as I'm leaving the same hospital with my newborn.

22. Coming home to an empty dishwasher.

23. When I get the chance to start a new book.

24. Seeing a pink sunset.

25. Looking in someone's eyes and seeing my own emotion reflected back.

26. Catching up with several long-time friends all in one weekend.

27. A pair of pants fitting just a teeny tiny bit better.

28. Fresh tacos from my favorite taco place.

29. Receiving a gift for no reason.

30. The sense of pride at hearing my girl be polite and outgoing and silly, all at once.

31. When a horse sniffs my face and nudges me.

February 1: Doing something painful and terribly hard, but knowing it was the right thing to do.

2: The ability to go to grad school.

3: A new friend.

4: Hearing a new song by a favorite artist.

5: Hearing a Duke Ellington song and then feeling the presence of my great-grandfather.

6: The smell of Listerine, Vicks, and Nozema, and the memories they provoke.

7: When a song lyric or poem comes together in my dreams, and I can actually write it all down when I wake up.

8: Remembering that today (February 8th) is my old man dog's birthday, and not crying.

9: Eating healthy alllll day and feeling wonderful while doing it.


Kim/2 Kids said...

That is so not true, I looked today. I promise, I came by and read your entire entry.

Anonymous said...

Feb 4th...who was the artist and what was the song?

Chibi said...

Have you seen the Grace in Small Things site Schmutzie set up? It's really cool! http://graceinsmallthings.ning.com/