Finish the sentence

Stolen from Just A Girl, as filler until I finish this damn paper, so I can post about some super-exciting things.

1. My ex...haunts my dreams sometimes.
2. Maybe I should...stop living in the past so much.
3. I love....my sweet girl.
4. People would say that I'm...loyal to a fault.
5. I don't understand why...fire ants were created.
6. When I wake up in the morning.....I wish for 5 more minutes of sleep.
7. I lost my..... old man dog this month, and it still catches in my throat.
8. Life is full of....wrongs and hope.
9. My past is...a pain in my ass sometimes.
10. I get annoyed... when I feel like someone is ignoring me on purpose.
11. Parties are....wonderful!
12. I wish....I would focus more on my poetry and song writing.
13. Dogs…are my favorite furry companion.
14. Cats....are independent.
15. Tomorrow I....will figure out what to buy my husband for his birthday.
16. I have low tolerance....for people crunching their candy.
17. If I had a million dollars... there is so much that I would do.
18. I'm totally terrified... of being alone and lonely at the same time.
19. My spouse is.... giving and dedicated.
20. My life is...not what I thought it would be, but is full of such wonderful blessings and surprises.

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