All that and a bag of chips

Any idea who this hottie is?? I'll give you a couple of guesses.

Ignore the fact that you can see her name there at the bottom of the picture.

And seriously:try to look at her FACE.
Give up?
Does this help?:

Yep. It's Winnie. From The Wonder Years.
I loved this show. And of course, I loved Fred. Omg, his cute, kissable cheeks! His vulnerability. His charm. And Winnie was near and dear to my heart. I had no idea so many boys in my generation were hot for her (well, DUH).
But seriously, besides being drop-dead gorgeous, this girl is SMART AS HELL, and is published. (Am so jealous right now).
Did I mention the teeny tiny fact that she is a mathematician??
So, she's got two books: Kiss My Math and Math Doesn't Suck . Kiss My Math is a guide to pre-algebra, and Math Doesn't Suck helps kids survive middle school math. Her books are aimed at girls, but don't see why they wouldn't help boys survive math as well!
My sis struggles in math, among other things (comprehension). And next year, she will be in middle school. I am sooo buying her these books!
Also? Am sucking in my gut every time I look at these pictures. Sighhhh.


Fiona Picklebottom said...

I just saw those books at the store the other day and did a double-take, because hey, that's Winnie from The Wonder Years. I had no idea she was a mathematician.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I htink she looks just like she did as a kid in the face. Kind of creepy.

Kristie said...

I SO loved the Wonder Years. And Winnie? HOT!