Wordless Wednesday (with a few words tossed in for good measure)

[I need to be exercising]
Instead, I am writing my last paper of the summer, cussing at my dead phone (Seriously, what the hell am I going to do w/out my phone all day? It's dead DEAD, like, someone came and sucked the life out of it, so guess who has to go get it replaced today??? FML), and thinking about lunch.


Holly said...

Crackberry death - tragic. You might die. No, like seriously. I left mine at home today and I feel the twinges of death hitting me already.

Chibi said...

Dude, I thought your middle name was Lee.

*snort* Sorry. Not funny. Me = suck today. Hope you get the phone fixed before you die because I'll die if you die because I'll missss youuuuu. Ooh! But last paper! WOOT!

/randomness (I just had TONSACAFFEINE: sorry.)