Music Lover Monday-New song I ganked from the playlist of a cool person

In the world of music, I'm in a weird place. I'm trying to avoid falling into the black hole of the old melancholy stuff I love. I don't want to be melancholy right now, even though I LOVE some of that music. Also? The damn radio has really been hammering it to me lately-I can't go a day without several songs twist my heart up.
So....I know I can always go to Alan, who gives me wonderful recs (and even makes me CDs & sends them to me! How kickass is that?!), but I decided I would go search some new stuff out as well. (Don't worry Alan-the email is coming!)
I usually don't go trolling through iTunes (I know, I know-"Why not?" meh), but I'm so glad I did!
1. Nevertheless by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
I got this one from Aziz Ansari's playlist. I love Parks & Recreation, and he cracks me the hell up, so I figured I'd check out his picks. Pretty good, huh?
(And hush your mouth about the fact that this song is indeed melancholy too. I know, I know....)


linlah said...

Meloncoly isn't always a bad place to be. Nice pick.

My Bottle's Up! said...

just wanted to say that i'm thinking of you.