A little something for someone I care about

I am writing today to wish my un-adopted daughter a happy birthday. Not only is she turning 16, but she is continuing to survive in a system that makes it difficult for her to enjoy any day. And she is only my un-adopted daughter because it was a conflict of interest for me, as her cps caseworker, to adopt a child on my caseload....

Happy 16th Birthday Jamie! I love you dearly, and think of you every day. I wish that we could see each other on a regular basis, and I'm hoping we can change that soon! You are a strong young woman, and I continue to have faith that you will survive, you will make it out of the system alive, and still have some fight left in you to make a good life for yourself.
I pray that you will stop being so hard on yourself; you are not to fault for most of what has gone on the past several years. I pray that you will stop hurting yourself; you have been hurt enough by others-you need to take care of yourself, honey. I pray that you look in the mirror one day and see in your reflection what I see: a strong, beautiful, courageous survivor. I pray that you find peace with your past, and find real, unyielding love in your future.

I love you honey, the best way I know how!

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