Things I did (& didn't) do today

A beautiful Saturday, with lots of promise!
Let's start with the things I didn't do:

~take a shower (I know, I know)
~eat lunch
~go tan
~work out
~go clothes shopping

Now, the things I did do, and am still doing, at the early time of 12:41 at night:

~9:10am-woke up
~10:00-ate breakfast
~11:04-showed up late to a little easter egg hunt with my daughter, at my mom's property. It started at 11am, and in 4 minutes' time, all the damn eggs were gone. Seriously. I know-I'm a bad mom.
~12:00-Bought dog food ($30!), dog bones, and glucosomine tablets for my crotchety, gimpy dogs.
~12:30-Fed the above to my crotchety, gimpy dogs; brushed them, played with them, and got slimed by the yellow one
~1:30-Went to the park with my mother and daughter, with the intent to feed the ducks and geese popcorn and bread. Apparently, being that it was about 70 degrees out and absolutely gorgeous, lots of people had the same idea. The ducks weren't hungry. At. All. So my daughter ate the bread, my mom and I ate the popcorn, and we sat on a bench watching the ducks fight.
~4:00-My mother and daughter fall asleep. I start watching The Real Wives of New York City, or some shit like that, and discover that I only have 8 eggs to dye.
~9:30pm-I remind my daughter that tonight the easter bunny is coming, and he is going to take her final binky and give it to a new baby. In place of this binky, she will get a basket with candy and eggs. She says 'No', after about 3 1/2 weeks of being excited about it. S.H.I.T.
~9:45pm-Go shopping for my easter dinner. Also pick up random things like another stuffed bunny for my daughter, and a bunny balloon. And wine. And a chocolate cake. But I forget the eggs.
~11:30pm-Boil eggs, unload groceries, wait for eggs to cool off, hide plastic eggs, hide basket, and do laundry.
~Currently, at 12:48, I am dying eggs, my fingers are various colors and smell like vinagar, and I am sleepy. And I still need to go in my daughter's room and sneak her binky out of her mouth. Ha.

You notice I didn't say anything about reading, writing, gardening, or any of my other favorite hobbies.

I think I'll take the day off tomorrow, let my husband cook for our families, let my daughter eat every piece of candy in sight in place of her meals, let the laundry wrinkle in the dryer, and let everyone else worry zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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