On the upswing

I am so glad to tell you (all 2 of you) that I am finally getting better! Of course, it didn't have anything to do with going to the doctor. I waited 3 damn weeks to finally go to the doctor, and he ruled out strep throat, but not shingles. I have lovely sores all over the back of my throat and in my mouth. I have a history of having the shingles inside my mouth and throat, so who knows? He prescribed some strong-ass antibiotic, which I haven't picked up from the pharmacy yet. But before I even went to see him today, I woke up feeling better! Swallowing is bearable! I actually ate a small sandwich today! Yipee for small victories, I tell you. So that is my miserable excuse for my lack of miserable posts lately.

- - - - - - - - - - -

This past weekend the hubby and I took my girl to the Main Street Arts Festival . I'm not sure what I was thinking by dragging the hubby there, because he is very claustrophobic, and it is pretty much a clusterfuck in a sardine tin. There was good music, and my girl enjoyed cotton candy, a hot dog, and spitting both back into my water bottle. MMMMmmmm! We were going to get a few beers, but apparently all the other sardines had the same idea-the lines were outrageous! So we opted for the short line for sweet iced tea instead. Wow-are we party animals or what?? Anyway, we hardly looked at any art b/c of the damn crowds, but I did glimpse one of my favorites from years' past. I only wish I could afford a few of his pieces. I would love to have one small room with lots of windows and wall space to put some of his stuff on. Inspirational for me, when it comes to writing.
But the highlight of the day was waiting in line for over 20 minutes for the face painting booth. Brutal. The hubby kept trying to convince me that we could paint her face at home and my girl would never know what she missed, but I can't do that! (I can only lie to her when I put her to bed at night and I tell her I will be right back to lay with her...and then I don't go back in her room. Evil, I know, but seriously, self-preservation is an absolute must for a parent's sanity. And is it my fault that she trusts me so much that she believes me, night after night??) So she couldn't decide what she wanted, and I really didn't want her to walk around with any of the scary shit I saw all day. My girl cannot walk around with a red and black spider web all over her face-so sorry, all you Spidey fans. So, we opted for a cute pink and purple whale to match the one on her little shirt she was wearing. I have to tell you that the teen that painted it was amazing. Not amazing like 'wow-you're an awesome artist', but amazing like 'how the hell can you stand painting on the faces of sweaty, stinky, squirming little kidlets all day?' He was even pleasant to talk to! So, the whale lasted all of 10 minutes after it was put on. Thus, no pics to post. She kept sticking her tongue out to lick her cheek (ick!) and then she started rubbing it all over her face. I got two snapshots with my cellphone camera, but I am not savvy enough to get those pictures on this computer.
So, did anyone else have an exciting weekend full of face paint & sardines? Please, make me jealous with all your non-children activities!


Kristie said...

I went there this weekend too! I saw a few paintings and photos that I would love to have. I bet we passed each other and I probably shoved you out of the way. ;-)

Backpacking Dad said...

Paint her face at home?

You know what? I can sing the song from the "Pirates" ride at Disneyland, but I'm not going to stick my daughter in a tub and splash water at her while singing that song if I can take her to Disneyland.

Come on, hubby. Man up. :}