Can you feel the love?

Although I am a crazy busy woman right now, there are several things that are keeping me somewhat sane right now:

1. The First 48-I know I've mentioned this before, but seriously, if you haven't watched this show yet, you are missing out.

2. Honey Almond Black boba tea-I get one every Wednesday, after I struggle through the hell that is my 2nd class. This stuff is just lovely, hot or cold.

3. The weather!! It is fanfuckintastic these days!! I have my top off on my Jeep (Pervs! You were thinking I meant something else, huh? Especially my confession, right?), and it makes me smile every day.

4. The last of the summer fruit-peaches, blueberries, and watermelon.

5. Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

6. My husband's sense of humor-Granted, sometimes I want to throttle him, smother him with his pillow, or flick his nose, but lately, his smart ass stuff has really made me laugh.

7. My brother-Having him live with us has been fun so far. He makes me laugh, he's easy going, and I adore the guy.

8. My daughter-Here's a rundown of the things she has told me lately:

~"Mom, you are SUCH a beatdown"

~"Let's share"

~"When I grow up, I will be the mommy, and you will be my baby, and I will put you in time-out if you say 'Shut your pie hole'"

~"Can I get married when I get bigger?"

~"Mommy, I love you."

~"Momma, you make me happy."

~"You are so smart to go to school."

~"I told the dogs that if they better stop barking, or you are going to kick their ass."

Yes, she has my mouth. I do really well around her, but sometimes a 'shit', 'damn', or 'ass' slips out, and guess who apparently sucks it up like a sponge??? That's my girl!

What's keeping you sane lately??


La Petite Chic said...

I don't which made me laugh harder, the shut your pie hole one or the kick their asses one! Too funny!

Just Jiff said...

lol. My 6 year old stepson and my husband (might as well be 6, lol) always run up and fart on the other one. One evening my classy husband said, "Z, I might just have to get up and fart in your face." Z said, "No, that won't be necessary." LOL

Kristie said...

I like the "shut your pie hole", I'm totally teaching Jackson that.

My sanity comes from naps! Lots and lots of naps!

Jason, as himself said...

I don't think I'm being kept sane by anything. I think I've totally lost any semblance of sanity.

jodifur said...

That's hysterical!

Thanks for your comment on Jodifur

Unknown said...

Oh nothing keeps me sane! Not these days, the days I'm struggling to try and eat better. All I ask for is 10 stinkin' pounds! But...our 3 yr old did say to our (almost) 2 yr old the day they saw the "birthing video" !Hilly, you came out of mommy's butt!" lol

CP said...

I'll leave the choc covered sunflower seeds for you (cannot like them no matter how much I tried) but I love boba tea! My favorite is the blended honeydew. Yum!