My girl

My girl has a fever and a sore throat. The past two nights have been fun, let me tell you! Anyway, still no internet or TV at my house, but I'm pretty sure I know every bloody line in the Tinkerbell movie (help me).

Here's a preview of pictures with Santa:

This is Grace and Lorelei, Grace's little friend and my dear friend's older daughter.


Anonymous said...

Aww, and Santa doesn't look creepy! NICE!

Damn you people with your non-snow and ice Christmas'. I am beyond jealous, I'm super-nova green with envy!

Hey...did you know there are like 24 million people with your name on Facebook - further to the comments on the post on my thingy - so email me and I'll give you my super-secret name to add. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw...she's a cutie! :-)

Sarah said...

aww she looks adorable

CP said...

Awww is right! Hope she is feeling better soon.

Chibi said...

I've nominated you for the Uber Amazing Blog Award (http://onefineneuroticmess.blogspot.com/) because I really enjoy your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your little one is feeling better!

just a girl... said...