The Grumpy MeMe

I'm stealing this from The Coconut Diaries. It's greatness, I tell you!

List Five T.V. shows that I will never watch – no, never.

1. The View (annoys the shit out of me)

2. Jerry Springer (trash!)

3. The Hills (stupid, spoiled drama)

4. The Wiggles (been there, done that)

5. The Doodlebops (AAAAAAAAAAAArg, my brain is bubbling just thinking about it)

Five foods I HATE and refuse to eat.

1. Liver

2. Veal (actually, I love it, but can't bring myself to eat it after having cattle)

3. Squid salad

4. Smelt eggs (Ever watch Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel??)

5. intestines

Five places I don’t have any interest in visiting.

1. Crystal Meth Lab

2. Iraq

3. A prison (they make me sad)

4. A crack house

5. The place where the prostitutes hang out near downtown (been there....makes me incredibly sad)

Five things people at work/in my family do to annoy me.

1. (family) Always making snotty comments that I am 'loaded' or 'rich', when I'm not.

2. (work) A co-worker who smokes like a chimney, and walks in smelling like an ashtray. It lingers ALL DAY.

3. (family) When people CRUNCH THEIR CANDY. Drives...me...f-ing...batshit....crazy. I am a sucker in a family of crunchers.

4. (family) Never saying please or thank you.

5. (family) Asking me what my husband is going to buy next, since he 'is a spending person'.

Five worst gifts you received.

1. A Christmas sweatshirt that was like 10 times too big for me, and UGLY.

2. A 5lb. bag of pistachios. I mean, I love them, but not THAT much.

3. A slightly used make-up compact.

4. A set of 1960's daisy teacups and teapot. In puke green & fluorescent yellow. Used.

5. A set of candlesticks with shamrocks on them.


Anonymous said...

And I stole it from YOU!!!


jodifur said...

This is hysterical. I'm doing this next week.

CP said...

Hmmm, I LOVE squid salad, especially if it's spicy. Seriously.

Unknown said...

OMG, yes, I agree.. crunching is the worst! In fact I can't stand to hear people eat/chew (.) period! Once I hear it it just gets louder and louder and LOUDER!

Kristie said...

Used makeup?! The nerve!

I'm stealing this idea, too!

Chibi said...

Totally doing this one on Meme Monday! lol

@Nicole L: have you seen the Purina commercial with the dog eating out of the bag? Every time it comes on, I have to go "LALALA!" until I can find the remote and mute the TV. The slurpy-chewy-swallowing noises do me in. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

I know you're typing on your gold-plated laptop so you shouldn't mind if I ask you to send me more jewelry. Princess.

just a girl... said...

this post is cracking me up I am going to have to do this one as well

jodifur said...

I did it!