Awhile back, Just A Girl decided to throw a swap party. I of course, signed up, and Jannie Funster was the person I would be swapping with. I spent too much time figuring out what I would get the lovely Jannie after I got the email of random questions that would give me ideas. Eventually, I sent the package off, and I hope she enjoyed it.

I got my package from her recently, and I wanted to share with you:

I've already brewed a cup of the throat coat tea. It's yummy! And the lavender soap smells heavenly, but sad news: My husband is allergic, so I can't use it. Booooo!
There was an adorable butterfly calender, but my little sister jacked it. And the little bag with the peppers on it? My mother-in-law jacked that. Luckily, I have already started putting pictures in the teeny photo book, so no one can steal that from me!
Thank you, Jannie! Oh, and dear readers, you should go check out Jannie's site. She is talented and snarky, and I know you will enjoy yourself cruising through her posts.

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Kristie said...

What a fun idea, I must participate next time.