Snow Day

So it snowed today. And snowed. And snowed. This isn't normal for March 6th in North Texas. I mean, we don't even really get snow, ever. We get ice, sleet, sludge, which brings out all the asshats who don't know how to drive. But today was real snow.
Today was also our first appointment with the orthopedic specialist since my girl got her cast. Another x-ray, another medical bill with no insurance, and....GOOD NEWS! My girl heals quickly, and after only 12 days, she has a large amount of new bone, and it looks like she will be getting her cast off at her next appt., on April 4th! Yipeeeee! I'm pretty excited about that, and the damn pink weight isn't even on my little bird leg.
After the appt., Grace and I laid on my bed, ate lots of snacks, and watched it snow all day. We even went outside and caught snowflakes on our tongues. She has this cute full-out laugh that is so spontaneous, and that made my day.
On the other hand, being stuck in the house with a 2 year old that tells me what to do, demands something every 4.2 seconds, and then literally tells me to stop yelling when I get frustrated that she is yelling for me across the house.....I'm not sure I can take too much more of that!! I might have to threaten to put a fork in my eye again.
And let me just end this by saying that I had taken some good pictures of all of the snow in my little backyard, and somehow I am technology-dumb this evening, because I deleted the pictures before uploading them. Don't ask. So, just imagine lots of snow weighing down a 7 foot Magnolia tree. It's beauteous, I swear.

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