My wee little crabcake

I call my daughter a crabcake when she is being crabby. It all started when my husband and I met. We hung out a lot as friends, and I quickly learned that sometimes he is, well, crabby. And to draw him out of his bad mood, I started calling him 'King Crab'. And I'd make little claws with my hands and 'snap' them at him. I also used to call him Willie Wonka, Wee Willie, Winkle bug, & Free Willie, which annoyed the hell out of him, but managed to draw him out of his funk.

My girl has been a happy baby since Day One. And it was pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that she has her very own personality, and it is just screaming to come out. At a few months old, she would ball up her fists, and shake them, and make the silliest little face, like she was frustrated. It was so funny. See?:

(Sorry, it's a bit blurry, but I had to take a picture of the picture, because I can't seem to find the picture on my computer. )

Isn't it just perfect that I found this little frame to put it in?

It got to the point where she would be fussing or crying, and I would say 'Are you being a little crab?' or 'Who's being a crab cake?' and she would stop what she was doing and make this face, while shaking her whole body.

As she has gotten older, I have started telling both of them that there is an one crab limit in my house, so they need to take turns. And if I ask my girl if she is being a crab cake, when she so obviously is, she will say, 'No momma. I not a crabcake, I a CUPcake.'

I decided that I wanted a cute little shirt made just for my crabcake. So when I saw that Tranny Head had a shirt made for her cute little Sumo by The Rocking Pony, I knew that was the place to go. And what do ya know? Karen was up for the challenge, and within a week or so, my girl had her very own custom made shirt. When I showed it to her online, my girl said 'Oh! It's a crab! Is that my crabcake shirt? FOR ME???'

And here she is:

'Wha..? You want me to pose at 7:30am???'

'Sure. I'll make a sad face. Oh! You said CRAB face. Oops.'

Please go over to The Rocking Pony and check out her cute stuff! I might go a little nuts, and start buying and buying and buying..... Thanks, Karen! We love it!


By the way, thanks to everyone for their comments about my housecleaning situation. I'm coming to terms with it. Maybe you guys are right-maybe he is just trying to be nice, and I should totally stop my whining and take advantage of the free time I have! So that is what I shall do!


SLynnRo said...

That shirt is awesome. I would wear it.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie crab!

Karen said...

I love the crabby face, even if it is a put-on.

Danielle said...

That is the cutest shirt ever!

I'm headed over...

Anonymous said...

That's great.
Hubby calls me Crabby.. and my dad calls my mom Crabby too..

THE Stephanie said...

She is so cute!! And the shirt is cute too :)

Kristie said...

Holy cow, er, I mean crab! Thanks adorable!