Where I bitch like a 90 year old woman-Take 2

I swear, I have just turned 31 and my body is pissing me off. I've had some female issues (let's just leave it at that for those of you who don't already know) that have been a real pain in the who-ha.
Now I have an appt. with my doctor on Friday morning because I am having sharp, constant pain just at my sternum, through to my back, after I eat. It lasts for awhile, and feels like I am full in the wrong place after a big meal, and it's to the point that I feel like I'm getting heartburn. I try to get away from it-I try sitting up straighter, pushing my chest out, breathing deeply...Of course, I brush it off as gas, eating too much, blah, blah blah.
It's been going on a for a few weeks, but I can't really pinpoint when it began. Why? Because I have had so many stupid things wrong with my body since puberty hit, and I hate to think that my mother and husband think I'm a whiner or a hypochondriac.
Why? Because I had heart problems as a tween, and my mother didn't take it serious; she thought I was being dramatic. I ended up needing heart surgery.
I was born with a slight case of scoliosis, and have back pain over the most random things.
I was rear-ended by a drunk driver about 4 and half years ago (don't get me started) and went to the chiropractor to be on the safe side. Guess what? All that complaining about my neck always hurting had nothing to do with my shitty office chair and everything to do with the beginning stages of arthritis in the neck.
I hate pain-I complain about getting a TB test for cripe's sake-so my husband just sorta looks through me when I complain about something on my body hurting.
So, when did this start? *shrugs shoulders*
So, I was telling my friend about it the other day, because I know she will listen, and I know she will think of things I hadn't thought of, and....
she thinks it's my gallbladder/gallstones. She described trying to get away from the pain too. And she had her gallbladder out last summer.
Mother f-er.
So, off to the doctor I go tomorrow.
Wish me luck. Ridiculous.
What am I??? A 90 year old woman???


Anonymous said...

oooo, I had mine out this summer. After the mother-of-all attacks. Could be the start of gall-stones....but the pain from an actual attack is worse than labour....it's AWFUL. Let me know what the doc says! Hope it's easily fixed.

Misty said...

Oh Honey. Get in and get that checked out. I'll worry if you don't!

Heather said...

My gallbladder needs it's butt whipped into line too. However, my pain is usually either in the right side near the bottom of the rib cage, and is a burning sensation, or in my right shoulder blade and feels like someone just sucker punched me. When I had pain where you describe, it was diagnosed as acid reflux. Neither is pleasant, but at least that doesn't require surgery. And doesn't hurt as much as the gallbladder. That pain can knock you to the floor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I have arthritis in my spine also. 3 epidurals later, I feel ok. You should check into it! Oh...and is it who-ha? Or hoo-ha? I'm not sure...LOL

Chibi said...

How did your appointment go -- everything okay?