No love for the post office right now

The post office is not my friend right now. We are on the outs. I am thinking of giving back my BFF necklace. This is serious!
All the CDs I ordered are....not here.
First off, we have the whole argument about what city I live in. I live in Keller, but my mailing address is North Richland Hills. Yet, every once in awhile, something will arrive with the Keller zip code on it. I'm so confused!
Then, there's the issue with the fact that the mailman can't seem to figure out what street I live on. My street & the next street over have the same house numbers. Way to make it easy for us, neighborhood developer. So, sometimes I get 937 That street's mail, instead of 937 my mail. Or vice versa.
And then to make it a bit more fun/complicated, there is a street in Southlake with the same name as mine. Wouldn't be a big deal, except that when I go to order pizza to be delivered, they deliver it to the southlake address instead of mine. Even though I clearly state that I live in Keller, w/ a NRH address.
Shoot me now.

So, I tracked 2 of the CDs I ordered, and they show that they have shown up at the NRH post office. Yet, they aren't here.
I'm pretty sure my neighbor a block over is listening to all my new CDs. And eating the pizza I ordered.


Kristie said...

I feel your pain! I live in Fort Worth with a Haslet address. The neighbor's behind me have the same number address but with a different street name. And AND I've been waiting for an Amazon order for 2 weeks now.

Anonymous said...

argggg! sometimes this technology stuff sucks, huh??