I am so over New Year's....

So, I totally want to go out on New Year's. I've always had the desire to have a New Year's party at my house. How fun would that be? Champagne, little quiches, champagne, lots of friends, little party hats & blowers, champagne......I finally have the house to do it. I no longer live in the middle of BFE (aka my little house on the prairie: http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?zp=76082&typ=21&sid=e1d5abb117144064be75261a5800d0ed&sdir=0&sby=2&pg=3&lid=1086247119&lsn=23&srcnt=263#Detail

okay, wait-before I even continue on with my little story, let me just explain that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to insert links without it looking like the clusterfuck above. so. there. carry on....
I no longer live in springtown, in the middle of 23 acres, where I hit the floor in fear for my life on more than 1 occasion (another whole set of blogs, that I promise I will get to). I now live in the middle of it all, near all my friends, closer to my parents, in a gorgeous new house. And I could totally pull off a fun New Year's party, and let my daughter and the kids of all of my friends run around like crazy little brats, while us young adults (we aren't too old yet) all got our drink on. But...then life got in the way. My daughter and I both got sick right before Christmas, which threw a helluva wrench in my Christmas planning, which in turn screwed up my new year's plans. So.....
Last minute plans to go to a friend of a friend's house. They are fun, and I have ended up dancing in the middle of their living room more times than I care to talk about. And then, at dinner, my daughter begins to cry about her ear again. Freakin' A. Freakin' ear infections aren't STAYING away. They go away, briefly, for a day or so, and then damn it all, if they aren't back, full force, in a matter of minutes.
She put up a good fight as we forced some pain drops in her little ears. 'Go away!.....Gooooooo, AWAYYYYYYYYYY!' My poor girl.
Then, my mom (aka the babysitter) was running late, and some plans for my little sister fell through (her dad is a jerk0ff-another blog), and...here I am, tired, yawning, dressed up, with sexy fake eyelashes, curled up in my LAZ-E-BOY chair. jeez. i am sooooo not almost 30. More like 90.
NO little quiches, no dancing on coffee tables, no little party hats, BUT! I do have champagne, and I am totally drinking it all up.
Anyone else have more exciting plans than me?

Happy New Year everyone!


Hello World! Here I am!!!

Can I tell you how excited I am that I jumped out in this big pond of bloggi-ness?? Oh...my...gosh! Wow! Now people will expect greatness more often, huh? No pressure.
I know nothing about customizing my page, and making it all snazzy like the rest of you...any help would be greatly appreciated! Please come back and visit soon...I promise I will try to entertain, inform, and educate you-HA!!


Who is A Little Left of Lost?

Well, that is a good question! I am a little bit of everything.

Oh, you want specifics?

Well, fine, but it's gonna be difficult, because I'm a Pisces and I'm not black & white about anything. But here goes:

I am 30-something, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I'm originally from New York, but have lived in Texas since I was in 1st grade. But I don't consider myself a Texan, I don't say ya'll, & I love the Yankees.

I've got my undergraduate in psychology (and only a few credits short of one in criminal justice) and my master's in Social Work. I've already worked with children & families for 6 years, so I'm thinking I want to work w/ the elderly, those with disabilities, or with juvenile sex offenders.

I'm pretty liberal, I voted for Obama, I'm a bit of a tree-hugger, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't actually live in a tree so it wouldn't be cut down. I'm a song-writer and a poet, & I'm pretty sure I've got several short stories & a novel stuck in this head of mine. I'm full of stories. I'm a vivid dreamer & sometimes I know things before they happen.

I love food & tequila & books & writing & blogging & people & dogs & music & the sky & sunsets & cooking & yoga & the magazine Texas Monthly & my daughter & California & the color of the ocean in the Caribbean. Oh, and Twitter.

I'm kind, gentle, silly, sassy, a push-over, loyal, extroverted, quiet around those I don't know, an open book w/ my heart on my sleeve, a book whore, and I get the shingles at least once a year.

I'm an impatient driver & a silly mom. 9 times out of 10, I give people second (and sometimes third) chances, and I always forgive.

I have one brother who is 10 years younger than me, and a sister who is 19 years younger than me. My parents are divorced.

I love my family more than all the stars in the sky, & I will FUCK.YOU.UP if you hurt any of them. Oh, and I cuss. Deal with it.

Oh, and the stats: Brown hair, brown eyes, big boobs, bad hips. And cellulite.

That is all.
(Well, not really, but....)


My 100 Things (because everyone's doin' it)(or has done it)

  1. I am a dog person.
  2. I am a lefty.
  3. I am melancholy, but you wouldn't know it until you get me talking (or writing).
  4. I love music-all types.
  5. I have been known to shake my ass to Busta Rhymes & Sir-Mix-A-Lot one minute, only to be swooning to John Mayer, Mazzy Starr, and ELO the next.
  6. I used to have music playing in my house 24 hours a day.
  7. Jelly Bellys are one of my favorites.
  8. And banana Laffy Taffy.
  9. I read the jokes on the Laffy Taffy wrappers & giggle.
  10. I really want to do some travelling.
  11. I love to read-I am a bookwhore.
  12. My bookshelf is overflowing and I want more, more, MORE.
  13. I was a band geek in middle school.
  14. This one time, at band camp....
  15. I still have the clarinet my great grandfather bought me.
  16. And the silly letters he used to send me.
  17. I once walked in on said great grandfather while he was using the bathroom.
  18. I'm pretty sure he was more embarrassed than I was.
  19. I have 3 baby teeth still in my mouth. And 3 wisdom teeth.
  20. I love the Independent Film Channel.
  21. I've been known to stay up way too late getting caught up in random movies.
  22. I don't like to be scared.
  23. Intense dramas get me all worked up. No thanks.
  24. Comedys are the way to go.
  25. I still laugh my ass off at How High, White Chicks, and Friday and know most of the words.
  26. Oh, and Dude, Where's My Car? And Just Married.
  27. Related, I love Brittany Murphy.
  28. Closely related, I think the female body is beautiful.
  29. Much more so than a male's.
  30. Except maybe LL Cool J. OH, and Wentworth Miller. Yeah, and Josh Hamilton. And, and, and....
  31. Until I started blogging, I had more male friends than female friends.
  32. But I was never the dirty whore people said I was.
  33. Not really.
  34. Two people I slept with are now deceased.
  35. That sorta creeps me out.
  36. But more than anything, it makes me sad.
  37. I used to want to be an astronaut when I was a kid. And a lawyer.
  38. I love to write.
  39. One of my major life goals is to get published.
  40. I've got most of a novel in my head.
  41. My fav color is that of the ocean.
  42. Yes, I realize that the ocean is a ton of shades of blue & green.
  43. I spent 3 years of middle school athletics in "off season".
  44. I might as well have two left feet.
  45. I'm not very graceful.
  46. I wish I had horses. They calm & amaze me.
  47. I don't know how to ask for help, nicely.
  48. Yet, my whole life, all I've wanted to do is help others.
  49. I write songs and poetry.
  50. I'm allergic to cooking brandy & sherry.
  51. I love champagne.
  52. And mimosas.
  53. And tequila.
  54. And the beach.
  55. I love to sleep with the windows open, but rarely do it.
  56. Chocolate cake is a bit of a weakness for me.
  57. And pastries.
  58. And pasta.
  59. And dulce de leche ice cream.
  60. It always comes back to food.
  61. I love to watch birds fly in flocks.
  62. I don't like to drive long distances. I did it for quite awhile.
  63. I like watching college football.
  64. I had heart surgery in 2003.
  65. I like to watch my baby girl watch sports on TV.
  66. I love the feel of the energy in a football stadium.
  67. I wish I knew how to play the piano. And guitar.
  68. I wish I had a booty and defined arms like JLo.
  69. I don't like to be cold.
  70. Or swim in lakes.
  71. I used to love to fish.
  72. One time my ex's nephew hooked the back of my arm.
  73. It hurt like hell, I had to act like it was fine, so he wouldn't cry.
  74. I still feel guilty about having my old man dog put to sleep January 2009.
  75. I still dream about him.
  76. I've never had the chicken pox. Yet I've had the shingles several times.
  77. If I see people who were shitty to me in high school, I avoid them.
  78. I don't like face-to-face confrontation.
  79. When I'm an old lady, my house will be full of dogs & my backyard will be full of rose bushes and birdfeeders.
  80. I *may* be a liberal. (Ya THINK?!)
  81. Racism, ignorance, & arrogance get me fired up.
  82. Child abuse infuriates me too.
  83. My girl makes me smile more than anyone I know.
  84. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  85. I love shoes. And purses.
  86. And sexy bras. And snazzy, sparkly jewelry.
  87. And boobs.
  88. I'm more loyal than you can imagine.
  89. Ditto when it comes to being understanding.
  90. I used to volunteer at homeless shelters. I miss it.
  91. I haven't had veal since I owned calves.
  92. I once lived across the street from a meth lab.
  93. I love breakfast.
  94. I love my sleep, but I'm a total night person.
  95. I love trying new things.
  96. Except off-the-wall food items, like chocolate-covered ants or some such shit.
  97. Mmmmm, Sushiiiiiiii.
  98. Reno 911 is the bomb. And The Office. And My Name is Earl.
  99. My mom is one of my bestest friends.
  100. I wish I wouldn't fart during yoga.
**Edited to make some changes for the bossy people below.** <3
**Edited again 9/1/10. Bet you can't guess what's different!**