I am so over New Year's....

So, I totally want to go out on New Year's. I've always had the desire to have a New Year's party at my house. How fun would that be? Champagne, little quiches, champagne, lots of friends, little party hats & blowers, champagne......I finally have the house to do it. I no longer live in the middle of BFE (aka my little house on the prairie: http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?zp=76082&typ=21&sid=e1d5abb117144064be75261a5800d0ed&sdir=0&sby=2&pg=3&lid=1086247119&lsn=23&srcnt=263#Detail

okay, wait-before I even continue on with my little story, let me just explain that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to insert links without it looking like the clusterfuck above. so. there. carry on....
I no longer live in springtown, in the middle of 23 acres, where I hit the floor in fear for my life on more than 1 occasion (another whole set of blogs, that I promise I will get to). I now live in the middle of it all, near all my friends, closer to my parents, in a gorgeous new house. And I could totally pull off a fun New Year's party, and let my daughter and the kids of all of my friends run around like crazy little brats, while us young adults (we aren't too old yet) all got our drink on. But...then life got in the way. My daughter and I both got sick right before Christmas, which threw a helluva wrench in my Christmas planning, which in turn screwed up my new year's plans. So.....
Last minute plans to go to a friend of a friend's house. They are fun, and I have ended up dancing in the middle of their living room more times than I care to talk about. And then, at dinner, my daughter begins to cry about her ear again. Freakin' A. Freakin' ear infections aren't STAYING away. They go away, briefly, for a day or so, and then damn it all, if they aren't back, full force, in a matter of minutes.
She put up a good fight as we forced some pain drops in her little ears. 'Go away!.....Gooooooo, AWAYYYYYYYYYY!' My poor girl.
Then, my mom (aka the babysitter) was running late, and some plans for my little sister fell through (her dad is a jerk0ff-another blog), and...here I am, tired, yawning, dressed up, with sexy fake eyelashes, curled up in my LAZ-E-BOY chair. jeez. i am sooooo not almost 30. More like 90.
NO little quiches, no dancing on coffee tables, no little party hats, BUT! I do have champagne, and I am totally drinking it all up.
Anyone else have more exciting plans than me?

Happy New Year everyone!

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