BFF's forever

How does that saying go?-It is better to have a few great friends than a lot of not-so-great friends? It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Hell, I don't know! Something like that. You get my drift.

I am finding friends in unlikely places. For instance, I think of 2 someone's as friends that view my blog on a regular basis. One, I have known since I was a wee-bit younger (16 years younger!!!) and although we were never really close, I read his blog regularly, and I find myself going 'Hey-he is a cool guy!' I view him as a friend, even though we don't hang out.
This other someone who reads my blog-we went to high school together, but I don't think we ever hung out or anything. What is interesting is that her boyfriend and I were good friends all through middle & high school. But I read her blogs, we comment back and forth to each other on occasion, and I feel like I have found a fellow-writer with a great sense of humor, that I would love to hang out with some time! I view her as a friend too.
I am also finding that I have some very true friends, even if we don't hang out as much as we would like! This afternoon I skipped out of work early to go to a movie with one of my dearest friends, Amanda. Then we shared some nachos and margaritas on a restaurant patio for a couple of hours. We were pretty inseparable our freshman and sophomore year of high school, but we lost touch for a handful of years afterwards. I was pretty sad about it for awhile, and tried to reach out to her a few years ago, through a mutual not-such-a-great-friend. When I didn't get any response, I thought I needed to just write off our years of friendship. But, well over a year ago, Amanda sought me out, and I think she was worried about the response she would get from me.
I was ecstatic! We emailed back and forth for days, and finally met for a day of shopping and lunch. And all we did was talk. And talk.
Every time we get together, we talk the whole time, just like we used to do in her bedroom in high school. Our lives are busy, filled with children, husbands, jobs, and lots of miles between the two of us. We don't get to talk every day, or even see each other on a regular basis, but we don't miss a beat when we do get together.
I am so very thankful for her friendship. She is kind, generous, laid back, loyal, and smart. She makes me laugh. Most importantly, Amanda, you make me feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for that. Not many people outside of my family have had that effect on me, and I truly appreciate it. You are a wonderful friend, and I am so glad we are friends again. :)

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Chris Spencer said...

We really need to quit mentioning how long we've known each other. It just makes me feel old.