I am slicker than owl shit! [& more savvy than I thought!]

So, really, how the hell do we know owl shit is slick, and why is that a something anyone would want to say? Someone enlighten me, because I am a damn Yankee who just doesn't get some of these southern phrases.

But, I digress.

I am obviously more savvy than I thought, because look what I have for you! The 2 pictures from my cell phone! Apparently, if you plug a USB into my cell phone and my printer, the crap prints! Is that crap-tastic, or what? (whole lotta crap talk this post, huh? Sorrrrryyyyyy.)

So, I present: my girl's cute little whale on her cute little face. Notice that the blue waves around her mouth look a bit, shall we say, slimy? That's due to her licking her face!

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