Seriously? I mean, come on. Another damn night of stormy weather, trying to sleep in uncomfortable positions, my kid screaming.......What the hell have I done to deserve this???

I am so tired right now, that I don't think I can type in complete sentences. I am going to throw some psycho-analytic stuff your way, and let you try to figure out my whole 'stream of consciousness' blubber:

2am-Lightning, thunder so loud it shook me awake, electricity out, screaming terrified toddler.
2:02am-Husband snoring, hail, 60+ mph winds, toddler whining about being held in just the right way.
2:04am-Scream at the husband, tornado sirens, still no electricity. Tornado? Who the hell knows, because seriously, after 3 damn years of 'severe weather' while living in Springtown, I still have not invested in a damn weather radio.
2:20am-Toddler is hungry, I am sweaty with no air circulating in my house, my husband is going back to sleep.
3:00am-Pop Tart crumbs all over my side of the bed, spilled milk on my pillow, still sweating.
3:10am-Husband is snoring, toddler is bossing me around.
4:00am-Snoring husband. Talking, coughing, bossing toddler.
5:00am-Snoring husband. Snoring toddler. Both appear to be comfy, cozy. I, on the other hand, am curled up in a ball in some unnatural position, with about 4 square inches of sheet, no pillow, and the toddler's arm wrapped tightly around my neck.

Today, I can't turn my head to the right. My neck just won't give. My backyard is flooded....again. My toddler is still coughing, sneezing, snotting, and is extremely whiny. I am worn the hell out. My body aches, I have a little itch in the back of my throat, and yet....
it was I who was lying curled up in a ball in some unnatural position next to my toddler's crib this evening, as she coughed, coughed, coughed.

Oh, and I can't handle "Cool Burst" Tylenol Severe Congestion. Right now I have two little icy-hot bean-sized rocks lodged in the middle of my chest. How exactly does that help my stuffy head, stuffy nose, sinus pressure????

Off to bed I go, to dream of night-time fairies who will forgive my transgression when I stomp their asses and burn down their little fairy huts.

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Chris Spencer said...

Sounds like someone needs a cookie. Tell you what, as soon as I'm over this cold, i'll make you some.