A breath of fresh air

When I was about 10, my mother attended college at night. There, she met Tish, a woman who was to become one of her very close friends, and who is still a very good friend of the family.
Tish was (and still is) gorgeous. Dark curly hair, dark brown eyes, perfect skin tone, beautiful smile, great laugh.....you could say I had a bit of a crush, I guess (??). When we were out together, people would always comment that we looked alike, so we all began saying she was my older sister.
So, as older sisters often do, Tish took me to the mall and to a movie one day. Prior to the movie, we walked through some stores. (Just to give you an idea of how long ago this was, the store that we were walking through was Stripling & Cox!!!) We were being silly, walking through the women's section, when all of a sudden, we heard the hugest, loudest fart! We both stopped in our tracks, and began laughing. We walked around a corner, only to run into this little old lady, who proceeded to let another one rip, and then, upon noticing us, said 'Oh my! Excuse me!'

Tish and I looked at each other, smiled politely at the woman, and ran off, only to explode in fits of giggles about 20 feet away.
Now, a good 20 years later, we still laugh about 'the breath of fresh air'!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you gotta let one rip..That is funny though.. usually in public people just do the "SBD" farts..you know?

Misty said...

Silent BUT deadly... ALL THE WAY. Except when you have kids that notice... then they pretend to gag and yell loudly.... "Mom did you FART??"...... Brother.