I'm Baaaaaaack! in 67 words

House: disaster.
Laundry: 5 loads and counting.
Skin: NOT TAN.
Jelly Belly: Well accounted for.
Books: Still reading the same one I started BEFORE I left.
My thighs: Sore as hell from horseback riding on the single-most stubborn Mexican horse EVER.
The ring finger of my right hand: Sporting a gorgeous amethyst ring!
My brain: Still along the shore, watching the sun set over the ocean.


Misty said...

Welcome back!

Chris Spencer said...

wasn't the same without you.

DeeDee said...

pictures??!! I'm jonesing for the beach in a major way! I'll live vicariously through your trip since I can't take my own right now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the ring!!

OUCH on the horseback riding..I feel ya sister

I 1487% agree w/ still being on the beach..and I've been back from vaca for almost 2 months.