The Mist

A couple of weekends ago, my mother rented a couple of movies for us to watch. We watched Juno, which I loved! ('You are the cheese to my macaroni.') That movie has so many silly lines, but at the same time, I appreciate the message.

So, of course, my mom has to rent a scary movie. Now, I'm all for scary movies, although, I have to say the one I hate the most is Jeepers Creepers. That freak of nature just flips me out!!!! He is just inherently evil to me. It really flips me out just to see his picture. Getting the goosebumps just typing this!!! Ack!
Anyway, I can handle scary movies, but they stress me out. I yell at the TV, and during the course of the movie, I feel my shoulders inching up towards my ears. By the end of the movie, I usually have a horrible headache, and my shoulders and neck are tied up in knots, from the stress. I'm a nut, huh?

So, back to the movie she rented. Get on with it already!

She rented The Mist. I had never heard of it, or read the book, which is pretty amazing, considering I am a huge Stephen King fan. I began reading his books when I was about 7. And please don't say my parents were wrong for letting me read his books. They were fascinating to me...I marveled (and still do!) at his vast imagination. I respect my parents' opinion to let me grow a taste for all types of fiction, not just the stupid romance novels (which I freakin' hate!!!).
Anyway, so back to the movie.

The premise, the bugs, the creatures, the stupidity of the small town folk--all classic Stephen King. All GREAT! The bugs creeped me out, and got me thinking about what Revelations says about the bugs and creatures that will fall from the skies. Ack-goosebumps again!!!

But! I was so damn pissed off at this movie! I don't want to ruin it for any of you who decide to go rent it based on my glowing review (pfft.), but JEEZ! The ending just really disturbed me, even for Stephen King. Not that I think it was the wrong ending, or whatever, but it JUST DISTURBED ME. It made me hurt, because seriously, it shows what we as humans will do in extreme situations, when we are cornered and think we have no way out. I'd like to think I wouldn't do what the characters did, if put in their situation, but I don't know.....(if you don't intend to see the movie, and want me to tell you what happens at the end, just let me know).

It also got me thinking again, like I did after 9/11: 1- that we (society as a whole) are not all that prepared for a big huge life-altering disaster; 2-that those of us in my generation (and more recent generations) are sooooo lucky that we did not have to worry about nuclear bombs, did not have to crawl under our desks, or hide in our basements, like my parents' generation did. Then again, we seem to be swinging back in that direction again, over the past several years. All the craziness in the world lately, makes me fear for my children's (and grandchildren's) future. I can imagine this is how my grandparents must have felt, right?


Misty said...

Email me and tell me the ending.... I also like horror movies every once in a while, but I, too, get WAY too emotionally involved and VERY stressed out.

I don't watch hardly any thing more then a PG now with small kids in a small house.... even if they aren't watching they can HEAR....

So Disney flicks + Misty = best friends.

And for an extra tid bit.... Stephen King lived in Maine, not too far from where I lived.

Anonymous said...

You had so much in one little post..
First off I gave you an award, come get it.
I also started reading Stephen King at an EARLY age, I don't think I was 7 though..I was SO excited when I went to college I took a Gothic Fiction class and studied the works of Stephen King, among others.
I STRESS at movies that are realistic such as Open Water..
And yes you are correct..something MAJOR and nationwide happens..We're Screwed!

Anonymous said...

That is not how the book ended FYI. They changed it for the movie. Fucksticks! I didn't see the movie but I heard about the ending and it's just WRONG AND DISTURBING.

I love King books but the greater majority of his movies suck.

Anonymous said...

Ack....ditto. The grocery store scene....hubby and I kept yelling "Kill the bitch!" which probably lumps me into the worst of society come to think of it. Whatever...we is what we is.

But yeah, the ending was WHACKED.

I read Stephen King around 8-9 as well...I think the first one I read was "It"...which would explain why I hate clowns and balloons now. I can remember watching Cujo when it came out on BETA (hahaha...damn I'm old).

If it wasn't for the sexual parts in some of them I'd totally let my daughter read them. I'm in the middle of "The Stand" for the umpteenth time. I need to see if I can rent that series.....

Oh, and Juno was great. Watched it on the way to Orlando last month.