Has anyone else heard this damn song??? I was so damn confused the first time I heard it. I mean, really?? What are they, like 40??? REALLY???
I haven't even listened to it all the way through, to be perfectly honest, so I can't really say whether it's any good or not. And I'm not saying it isn't good, I'm just saying OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???
Also, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that they were my first concert. My friend Steff and I wore our snazzy NKOTB shirts, with matching fluorescent shorts and big bows. We wore like 3 pairs of different colored neon socks, and I think I wore a stupid hat. I've got a picture of us somewhere, but I am not so sure I want any of you to see that! EMBARRASSING!

So, tell me: do you dig their new song? Be honest..... I promise I won't giggle (a lot).


Anonymous said...

Dude, their performance on the Today show was SO MUCH WORSE. It was bad. I mean really really bad. I was embarrassed for them and for all the women that slept on the street for two days to be there, the ones that made their concert sell out in 4 minutes and the ones that were screaming like little girls during the atrocity that was that performance.

Leave me my memories, thank you very much!

Donnie 4TW!

Anonymous said...

You know what..I'm JUST old enough to have not gotten sucked into all things that are NKOTB..
I think at this point I was into Nirvana or something.