Welcome Home, Pookies!

$146 at the groomer, minus 15 lbs. of fur each , and.....

My doggies are home!!! I don't know who was more excited-them, me, or my girl. She was all giggly and yelling, "My koower and day-ay".

They spent a good 30 minutes walking around the house, sniffing this, licking that, getting their bearings again. They were so sweet to my girl, licking her face, and letting her put blankets on them, so that she could pat their backs and 'put them ni-ni'. They finally settled down, Daisy on the floor under our feet, and Kooter on the couch, snoring away.

I've never shaved my labs (actually didn't even know that was an option!), but figured it would ease the friction between the dogs and the hubby, so I went for it. OH.MY.GOSH. They are so damn soft, and cute, and have big poofy tails. I swear, I spent 3 hours just petting them last night.

This morning, the dogs were outside eating on the back porch. Grace stood at the back door, chatting away at them, like they were listening, or were even interested.

Then she yelled at me through the house, "Mommy, can you get my Koower and day-ay?" I explained they were eating, and would come in later.

"SIGHHHH. Noooooooo Mommy! My Koower and day-ay in my bed!!"

Oh. Her stuffed animals-a black lab and a yellow lab.

So, I get them for her. And she proceeds to talk to the real dogs, through the door:

"This is my Koower. He sleeps wif me when you gone."

"This is day-ay. She, she lellow (yellow) just like you is, Day-ay!"

My heart just melted, right there.

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