Potty talk

My girl became interested in potty training when she was about 20 months old. We bought her a little potty, and she actually piddled in it the first couple of days. A couple of months later, we moved into our new home, and things really changed for my girl-new house, new room, no more living with her grandma and aunt...so, it was no surprise that she lost interest in the potty. For the last 7 or 8 months, I have been trying to get her potty trained, to no avail. She hasn't been really interested, but she has gone a handful of times, and the result is me dancing around the bathroom, cheering, jumping up and down, and getting positively giddy. The only time she has been interested has been when we are in Target, or out at a restaurant, and then: 'Mommy, I need to go pottttty'. So I take her. I put the toilet paper on the seat, I pull down her pants, I put her on the potty, and....after 2.5 seconds: 'I done Mommy'. ACK!
When we were on vacation, my girl practically lived in a bathing suit. Which meant, of course, that we had several accidents. Like, standing right by the pool and saying 'Mommy, I PEEEEEING!' And whada you know?, there's a stream of pee going down her leg.
So, I started taking her on the potty several times a day while we were there. When we came back from vacation, I told her teacher at daycare about it, hoping that my girl would get excited about it. They asked me to go ahead and start bringing her in panties instead of pull-ups.
She has pretty much become potty trained since then. She still wears a pull-up to bed, but we have a plethora of Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, My Little Pony, and other girlie panties. She is so excited to 'be a big girl'. When she gets on the potty, she says to me, 'I gonna pee, and you gonna be so proud of me, Momma.' And she's right.
She had one accident at school last week. One accident at home, which involved pooping in the bathtub (and gah, was she upset!). She runs up and down the hall in the house all day long, 'I gotta pee!'. The toilet bowl in her bathroom won't stop running. Our water bill is gonna be much higher this month!
This evening, after it cooled off considerably, I took her to the park. We were both up pretty much all night last night, as she had a fever and an earache (#1458 just this year, but NOOOOOoooo, we don't need to put tubes in her ears-grrrrrrrrrr), so we stayed in the house today. But, I promised her the park, if she didn't have a fever after dinner.
And here is the point where my girl will hate me when she is a teen, and sees that I actually blogged about this (if she doesn't already hate me for mentioning the bathtub poop incident):
My girl loves the big huge, twirly slide that the bigger kids go on. It's got 4 or 5 twists to the ground, and she lands with her hair standing on end, and a beautiful smile playing on her lips. The stairs to the top of this slide are a good 10-12 feet off the ground. My girl got to the top step, looked down at me, and out came the dreaded words: 'Momma, I PEEEEEEEEEING!'
And there it was, dripping 10-12 feet down to the ground below, on my feet.
There were about 5 parents around, and I quickly looked to see if any of them had seen her. I have no idea if they did or not. For a split second, I thought about moving the bark around so you couldn't tell that there was this puddle under my kid. Instead, we went to the car to change out of her wet clothes (Thank goodness I have my shit together enough to have a spare set of clothes in the car). After wiping her down, we walked back to the playground.
As she climbed up to the big slide again, my girl looked down at me and said, 'Don't worry, Mommy-I won't pee on the slide. But that would be sooo funny'.
I swear, that's what she said.


Heather said...

Heehee! Kids! My 4 yr old niece wore pullups for awhile after she was technically potty trained, whenever they took her out in public, just in case. If she kept it dry, they could put it back on for night time. So maybe your girl is just not ready to go without the pullups yet. My younger niece is getting ready to be potty trained. With her sister it was easy, we just let her run around naked, and she HATED to pee on herself or the floor so bad, she was trained very quickly. I tried this with the little one yesterday, she immediately copped a squat and peed on my carpet. Gonna have to think of another tactic for this one!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Dang I don't miss those days. Both my kids waited until 4 (yes...FOUR) to get the idea into their heads. Ugh.

My son did that once in a ball pit at a McDonalds...I told the manager, left and never went back. And he never played in a Playplace again.

Kristie said...

Oh lordy!!! Kids are totally awesome! I barely remember potty training Derick, but I DREAD potty training Jackson. Good luck honey! I hope she PEEEEEES in the right place!

Anonymous said...

Yeah..she'll kill you when she's 12..
You would think as human beings we wouldn't want to sit in our own "stuff"..

My 8 year old step son STILL runs to the bathroom..because he doesn't want to stop playing in order to go..

Wait a minute, I'm sitting here typing this while crossing my legs and doing the pee shake.. Yeah we never REALLY get potty trained do we... gotta go...

Misty said...

I loved this post. Just what I needed tonight, a good giggle.

La Petite Chic said...

Ha ha!! That is too funny. And she is just too precious! :)

Anonymous said...

heather: I tried the naked thing, but then she just walks around talking about 'Look at my who-ha momma!' and that drives my husband nuts. That is so funny that your little one just peed right on the carpet! Glad it's not just mine.

Why mom: OMG! I would never go back to that McD's either! Ack!

Kristie: Don't dread it! Come on, doesn't it sound like lots of fun???

2nd journal: I still wait until the last minute to go to the bathroom too, so....

misty: always glad to provide a giggle, even at my own expense. :)

la petite chic: Thanks! I'm kinda partial to her.