Pay It Forward contest results

I intended to put all the names in a cute hat and have my girl draw a name, but then I went to the neighborhood party, drank a whole bottle of wine by myself, ate like 2 crackers, got so drunk that I couldn't see my neighbors' faces clearly, went to Wendy's at 1:45am, only to find that my hubby's wallet was at home, watched CNN while he went back to Wendy's with his wallet, ate my Wendy's fries and little burger in approximately 4.52 seconds, drank 3 glasses of water, attempted to remove my eye make-up with something that apparently does not remove eye make-up, and.....passed out.
And dreamt about drinking huge glasses of water.

Soooooo. Yeah.

The random number generator was much easier.

That being said, commentor #18 is the winner! Dynamita, from London! I can't tell you how excited I am to get to send something to London! Fun!! Dynamita, please email me at dlwinkler@msn.com so I can get your address and all that other stuff.

More on the embarrassment of getting hammered with snooooooty neighbors after I go eat a whole watermelon and drink a few gallons of water.


ya ya's mom said...

oh that sounds like fun...something i have done on many occasions!! gotta love wine though!! thanks for visiting my PIF giveaway and check back for another one coming up (I won a contest myself)

CP said...

You SOOOO sound like my type of gal! Too bad you live so far away from us at 3giraffes- we would be best pals (along wtih many bottles of wine). :)

Lauren said...

I have SO done that. Except...I have no recall of what happened AFTER I drank the wine. Umm...yeah.

Jenny Grace said...

Man I REALLY wanted to win. Maybe drawing it out of a hat would have worked better.
And that sounds like the best day ever, just by the way.