Are you f-ing kidding me?

For those of you who don't already know, I live in Texas. And I am about 25 minutes or so away from the beloved new Cowboy Stadium (still in process). And I really must vent about this, because I think my head was about to explode the other day while discussing this with my hubby.
Do you have any idea what the hell it takes to get a damn seat in that new stadium? Did anyone else know that you must pay $5000 per seat, just for the chance to buy tickets??? When my hubby told me that, I briefly thought about how I think I probably already heard that on the news, but then I yelled 'What the fuck?'

And then he told me how cool it was that this money secured the seats. "Those seats are ours!"

Me: "So does that mean I can unbolt them from the floor after each game and bring them home with me? Does that mean I can paint them any color I want? Does that mean my name is going to be engraved in the seat, and someone is gonna clean it for me? WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN?"

Seriously? How much more rich could Tom Hicks get? Is it not enough that he owns the Dallas Stars, the Dallas Cowboys, and he had several blocks of houses knocked down for the mother of all stadiums?? I mean, really? So, you gotta pay huge amounts of cash just for the chance to buy a ticket to one f-ing game?

And of course, should I be surprised that my husband did it? Nah. He doesn't shock me anymore. Shock value in our marriage= honeymoon over.

Okay, so then you pay several thousand for tickets. I just don't get it. Why is that necessary? How the hell does Mr. Hicks expect the every day blue collar worker to afford tickets to see their favorite football team?

Did I mention that the stadium is not done? That it is scheduled to be ready for the 2009-2010 season? So, uh, you spent how much for seats that don't yet exist, for tickets to games that aren't gonna happen for another year???

I asked my hubby if it's this way with all the new stadiums popping up. I also asked if this was all common knowledge. Does ESPN talk about this shit like it's nothing?

I guess I'm all shocked because I just can't see why it is necessary for a football team owner to be so damn rich. And to keep making more f-ing money just because he can.

And that does lead to the discussion of why sports players make so much damn money, why we value this more than nurses, teachers, social workers, day care providers, hospice workers.


Holy hell.

(On a side note: Squeeeeeeeeee!-The Olympics start today! )

(On a side-side note: Squeeeeeeee!-Boot camp is almost over!)


Sarah said...

FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?!?! That is nuts!

Kristie said...

Another reason I don't get into sports.

moo said...

so ... your husband actually BOUGHT tickets? For $5K? REALLY? TELL ME NO.

Biddy said...


you'd be better off buying a box!j

Anonymous said...

Oh Danielle...you are so young. You can't stop the juggernaut known as FOOTBALL...you can only hope to participate! And you want to see pro sports at its best? Watch a hall of fame induction ceremony. Talk about blowing something out of proportion. Biting the hand that feeds me, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Pro athletes are people who basically get paid way too much to play a game. But people pay the ridiculous amounts that teams price each seat...so what can they say? You want a seat? You pay. The only way out of it is for everyone to stop paying...and that won't happen. Most of those seats are priced for companies to buy anyway. They write them off at the end of the year. Most really good seats aren't for your average fan. It's for schmoozing clients and the company big whigs.

So now you know! :-)


Anonymous said...

I moved to Austin about 7 months ago, I work at UT, and found out that I have to pay $70 to get on the waiting list for football tickets. For college football tickets. I assume this shit just happens in Texas.

Bob Costas (my future baby daddy) did this special on HBO about the legacy of baseball that was pretty amazing. He called out the Angels owner (on behalf of all owners) on building ballparks with taxpayer money that the average tax payer can't afford to go to!

Don't get me wrong. I loves me some sports, but if I have to pay $8 for one more shriveled piece of cotton candy, I will go postal in public.

Anonymous said...

When we stole the Ram's from LA we had to do the same thing..PSL's are what we called them. You had to pay for the rite to buy tickets.. We don't have tickets though.