Because Moo is oh-so right!

Moo over at Moo's Moo said that everyone needs updates, because we all love closure, and I do believe she is right. So! I think I need to update you lovely people on some things because I know you care. (And as a little sidenote, check out Moo's blog today. She is trying to come up with baby names for her upcoming special delivery, and it is sooo fun to come up with names! Help a girl out!)

1. I accidently left you hanging at the end of my last post, and I really didn't intend to. What happened when I called the ASPCA? Well, first off, it took like 2 weeks for them to come out, because there was only one investigator assigned to my county and the county next to me. And let me tell you, it's all country, so I can only imagine how busy the poor guy was! But, when he did finally visit, he made them sell a couple of their horses. And all of a sudden, every day or so, my stupid neighbors would appear out of thin air, and bring hay and fresh water. But then they were told to sell the donkeys, unless they wanted them to be taken away. Of course, this all happened AFTER I moved, so I found out from my normal neighbor. How well they care for the remaining animals now, I couldn't tell you, because I've only been out there once, and I was too heartbroken over the state of my old home to even notice the animals across the street. But that's another story.

2. In this post, I asked you guys to guess what I was doing with all that fabric. One person guessed that I was making outfits for my daughter's little monkey, Cookiebutt. NOPE! Someone else asked if I was going into business. Fun, but NOPE! Making reusable grocery bags? Good idea, but NOPE! Making a bag for her? Nice try, but NOPE!
The real answer is this, and pictures are to follow: I made some wallart for my daughter's room, using large canvases, and stretching the fabric across. I also made smaller ones for my friend's playroom. I still have 2 large throw pillows to make pillowcases for, which will also go in my friend's playroom. I also am still in the process of making some cute curtains with yellow gerber daisies sewn onto them. Hard to explain without pictures, but I swear, I'll get there.

3. That beautiful orchid I bought during that weekend shopping spree? Yeah, uh, within a week of it getting comfortable in my bedroom, all the blossoms started to wilt. Right now, it has not.one.single.flower. Sigh. So I have a healthy, green, plant. Weeee.

4. The continuing saga of the bugs in my house: No scorpions since the one that stung my husband, but the ants? Oh holy hell. I'm about to lose my frickin' mind. And they are fire ants, not sugar ants. Figure that one out, will ya?
If you follow me on Twitter (jeez, I still can't believe I fell in that hole), you probably saw my Twit/Tweet about how 4 million ants had moved into my pantry while I was at work last week, and ate my Kashi cookies. And how I hoped they would all explode from the cookies. Oh, they also took over my cereal, my crackers, and my flour. (WTF?)
Well, I thought I killed them all. Then yesterday morning, I found about 20 random ants on one of my shelves in the pantry. I killed them and again tried to figure out how the hell 20 ants could just appear in my pantry, which is in the middle of the house, nowhere near a door or window. Where the hell are you fuckers coming from????
Yesterday I got home from work to find my loaf of bread covered in ants. In the pantry, of course. How did they even get in the bag? Just typing this is getting me all itchy and goosebump-y. Ick Ick Ick.
So I again attacked them, and cleaned my pantry.
Got home from boot camp, and on the next shelf up, with all the tin foil, plastic wrap, ziplock bags, and a random canister with peanuts and pistachios in it--about 4 million ants.
Seriously, I thought my head was going to explode in the middle of my kitchen. I don't even know what to do with myself! Where are they coming from????

5. My trip to New Orleans this weekend: Damn you, Hurricane Gustav!! I am not quite sure what my friend and I were thinking when we planned a trip to the hurricane destination of the country, at the beginning of hurricane season, but I'm pretty sure we were just so ready for a damn break that our tired minds just saw the opportunity to sleep, eat, read, and drink without kids. So, uh, anyone watch the news lately? Gustav is headed for my vacation spot! So, we had to cancel our reservations, and now we are going to Austin, which will still provide us with ample opportunities to sleep, eat, read, and drink without our kids, thank you sweet Jesus. Even though it's still in the state, and not as interesting-sounding as New Orleans, we would prefer not to get stuck in the Astrodome.

6. My trip to New York??? Yeah......well, our free flight vouchers are uh, not really an option. I don't even have the patience to explain why. And the tickets to any of the games during the weekend we wanted to go? Oh, how about $400+ per ticket? Shit. Now the possible plan is to go in October, and just go on a tour of the stadium, before they shut it down. I would absolutely love to see the Yankees play, but we had planned on spending the money on the game tickets, not the game tickets and the flight there. Boooooooo.

7. My younger bro did indeed move in with me. I am so excited to have him around. He makes me laugh every day, and I feel so much better knowing that he is eating on a regular basis (and more than just the $1 menu at Wendy's and McDonald's).

8. Fresca and Tequila? Absolutely tasty!!!

9. My shingles? Well, I finally don't look like I slept in poison ivy. I've still got some patches on my legs, but nothing like before. However, I still itch. And itch.

10. My little sidebar over there --------------> tells you that I have had my nose stuck in the same damn books for like 6 months. Which isn't true. I just intended to give you some reviews of the books, and well, I was busy. So, for those of you who asked:
  • The Year of Fog: I loved the raw emotion of this book. My heart was in my throat while reading the majority of this book. I didn't even want to put myself in the main character's shoes. Although, I would like to think that I would be as determined and motivated as she was, to find the little girl. I was glued to the story, and stayed up way too late each night to finish it. My only complaint?-There were several chapters of the character's misery over losing the child, and how she must.find.the.child., and it got to be a bit excessive. I found myself thinking, "Okay, I get the damn point already! You lost the kid, you are feeling guilty and awful about it, and you want to find her." Sheesh. But all in all, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for some hope. (And as a side note, I did recommend this book to several fellow bloggers this summer, and apparently, the author of the book saw my comment to Shamelessly Sassy, and sent her next book to Shamelessly Sassy AND ME! I haven't read it yet, but I was all 'Sqeeeeeeeeee! I got a free book!')
  • Such a Pretty Fat: This is the first Jen Lancaster book I read, after going to her book signing and meeting her. I loved it! She is so snarky and sassy, and I love her honesty. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good laugh, and also some motivation if you are looking to start exercising or eat healthier.
  • Missing Mom: I started it, but haven't finished it, because I got all wrapped up in:
  • Keeping Faith: I literally thought about skipping work to finish this book! Too bad I work for my husband. Damn it. This book is just fabulous! I don't want to give anything away, but I guarantee you will like this book! My only complaint was that I didn't really feel like there was enough closure at the end. I wanted a little more explained to me. But overall, love this book.

I'm reading some other really phenomenal books right now, and I'll try to be better about giving you my oh-so-informed opinion on them.

11. School just might kick my ass this semester. I've got 3 classes, but each professor apparently thinks his/her class is my only class, because holy hell! The papers! I've got papers and interviews and presentations looming over my head! So, I'm telling you this not to get sympathy, because I want to be in school, but to let you know that my postings might be sporadic for awhile. I know, I know, you are oh-so sad about this bit of news. But there are other awesome blogs you could read. Please come back though..???

12. And finally! (How many of you actually made it to the end of this boring-ass post??) Since I won Fiona Picklebottom's last Pay it Forward Contest, I need to host my PiF II contest soon! So, make sure you check back.......I'll be putting it up today or tomorrow, for sure!!


Heather said...

We had ants last summer and I couldn't figure out where they were coming from. We have a friend who is an exterminator and he sprayed outside, and so far so good. However, it was suggested that I caulk the kitchen. All the little crackies. So maybe if you investigate you will see along where your walls meet the floor, you could seal it with some clear caulk. I also read that you can leave out a bowl of cornmeal and they will eat that and die but I never got to try it.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

AND Fiona Picklebottom is happy to add ANOTHER update to this post and that is that she finally got off her lazy ass and packed Danielle-Lee's prize and it will ship TOMORROW.

CP said...

Oh the ants! Now I need to know why cornmeal will kill the ants?

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Who is the author of "Keeping Faith"? I want to put it on my Bookmooch wishlist, but there books with that title by several authors.

Biddy said...

yeah i planned on going to new orleans for my 21st birthday. at the last minute (like a week before i was supposed to go) i changed my mind. yeah, katrina hit the weekend i was supposed to be there. fucking hurricanes!

have fun in austin! go eat eggs benadict and gingerbread pancakes at magnolia cafe for me! mmmm on second thought, i'll be there in 4 hours hehe

Biddy said...

oh and seriously? the ants would probably cause me to sell my house and move. or just go bat crap crazy

Anonymous said...

Year of the Fog.. LOVED IT!
fyi..the word verification is mmmmmmn