Boot Camp Update-Woohoo!

I finally got my results. I am so proud of myself!!!

As I mentioned before, I shaved over a minute off of my mile. Love it!

Fat Mass Change: I lost 11.92 lbs. of fat!

Lean Mass Change: I gained 13.52 lbs. of muscle!

Body Fat: I dropped 9.09%!! I still have a lonnnnnnggggg way to go, but this is great progress! I'm now at 33.39% body fat.

Visceral fat: Still 4

Body's age: Still 37, but I feel stronger, healthier, better.

Inches: I lost 1/4 of an inch at my chest, nothing at my waist (Boooo!), nothing at my biceps (Booooo! again), 1/4 of an inch at my hips, and a 1/4 of an inch at my thigh. Was hoping for more, but...

I start the next 4 week session this evening. I'm hoping to gain more muscle, burn more fat, and shave more time off my mile. I am also desperately hoping to feel my clothes fitting differently (i.e. LOOSE!)


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!! Great Job DL!!! You rock!


Anonymous said...


ya ya's mom said...

oh wowee wow wow! you go girl!!! now i need to get on the stick!

Kristie said...

Way to go sweetie!!!! I told you you looked slimmer. ;-)

Kim/2 Kids said...

WooHoo! You go!

Heather said...

Great job! =D

Anonymous said...

Alan: THANKS! I just found out I lost the most fat and gained the most muscle out of the group yipee!

2nd journal: Thanks!

Ya Ya's Mom: Get on the stick! You can DOOOOOOOO it!

Kristie: Awww, you're so sweet.

Kim: ;) Thanks!

Heather: Thanks! It was hard, but sooo worth it.