Celebrity Boy Crush

To be fair, I had to mention the men I drool over. (And for the few men who read my blog, I give you this: go here & drool ).
This is so very hard, and I'm not sure I can limit myself. Gah. Oh, and I already had the idea, but this lovely lady also did something similar. I swear she's my twin because we apparently have the same taste in hot famous men.

So, in no particular order, here are the men that I could think of while straining to concentrate:

Oscar de la Hoya Justin Furstenfeld (lead singer of Blue October)

LL Cool J Johnny Knoxville

Common Wentworth Miller

Tiger Woods Patrick Dempsey

Paul Walker Jude Law

Justin Timberlake Colin Farrell

Oh.my. I normally say that a man's body is not all that beautiful, when compared to the beauty of a woman's body, but these guys definitely give the ladies a run for their money.

Up next: Men's voices that I lurve. Mmmmmm.


Unknown said...

Great list!

Kristie said...

Oh gosh, what a great list. I do love me som Justin. I wish they were a small band again so I could go see them play up close. Don't forget Matt! He's HOT!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to do my own cuz after the girl crush people are gonna wonder about me..no time today though..and you know what's funny, we had more in common w/ the girls than the boys.

just a girl... said...

I am shocked no MATTHEW?

Lauren said...

Yummy. What a GREAT way to start my day.

Thank you.