Songs that I would never admit to liking

If you haven't checked out Alan's blog yet, you totally should. He always has great music suggestions, although some of them make me giggle. Also, he is not shy about his love of movies, and his reviews are fan-fuckin-tastic (yes, that's my word for the week, so far).
His post on the lame songs that he loves really made me giggle. I thought I could one-up him on this, so here is my list of the 10 songs I shouldn't admit to liking, but I do, and I am!:

#1: Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (just dorky)
#2: She Get it From her Mama by Juvenile (oh-so catchy!)
#3: Sugar Sugar by the Archies
#4: Boyz in da Hood by Easy E
#5: When I grow up by the Pussy Cat Dolls (it just makes me laugh that they say they want 'boobies')
#6: Gimme More by Britney Spears ( I know, I know, but it's catchy!)
#7: Hoochie Mama by 2 Live Crew (They are so damn crude, but I like them. Gah, it disgusts me that I like them!)
#8: Because I got high by Afroman
#9: Put 'em on the Glass by Sir Mix-a-lot
#10: Hey Hey We're the Monkees by the Monkees (just dorky)

So, what are your secret songs?


Biddy said...

i heard "because i got high" the other day at the sprint store! it was so random to hear it playing there!! hahahaha

Sarah said...

hehe, I like pretty much all of these songs-totally guilty of blasting them in my car...

Anonymous said...

My number one song that I will sing at the TOP of my lungs is David Cassidy : I think I Love You!

Kristie said...

Um, that song by Miley Cyrus. I'm soooo mortified that I just love that song!

And today I worked out and made sure to add the Superman song to my mp3 player before I left the house. I think I even turned the volume down when it came on for fear that people might hear that song!

Anonymous said...


Britney Spears & the Archies?!?! Nicely done! You might have me on this one. And "Cause I Got High" is fabulously terrible. Nice choices! HA!

Anonymous said...

There was a song I heard in college about a woman getting 'pleasured below'. I think it's called "You Suck". So wrong, but it's catchy. Also "Short Di**ed Man" by Salt n Peppa is pretty funny, too.