Welcome to Hell

Every day I ask my girl what she did at school. Usually, the answer is somewhere between 'We, we, uh, we uh, went outside, and Baby Trace ate rocks, and uh, and uh' and 'I played dress-up and stole the stroller from Paige, and she made a frowny face at me like this'.

(Just so you know: that is a fake frown, and yes, she is flipping me off, but she doesn't know it. She wanted me to show her ripped cuticle (cudilcle) and proceeded to flip me off. I laughed, and said, 'Awww, make a sad face for me'. And out came the fake frown, which looks just like the frown she says her friend Paige gives her).

About 6 months ago, I started to hear her talk about how they play dress-up, and feed their babies, and GASP!-They play with Barbies! So I knew eventually she would be asking for Barbies.

She did.

And she got about 12 for her birthday.

Oh, yes she did.

Now, every day, this is the extent of our conversations:

My girl: "Momma, where's my barbie's green shoes?"

Me: "Honey, I don't' know. Go look in the pink basket in your closet."

My girl: running down the hallway, " M'kay!"

4.5 seconds later: "Mommy, I can't find it! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP me!!!"

Me: Sigh. "M'kay!"

And then I proceed to rummage through two baskets of Barbie shoes, bathing suits, brushes, sunglasses, cell phones, purses, coffee cups, magazines...you get my drift. And it never fails-I can never find the 2nd shoe that she is looking for. Grrrr.

Yes, that's a scuba Barbie, complete with fins and 2 dolphins that go in the bathtub with her. Oh, yes, that is the latest Barbie convertible car, in a lovely lavender. And, you guessed it!-That's a dog and her three little puppies, complete with bowls, bones, and the ability to wet themselves. No, really.

This isn't even all of it. This is just what I could keep her from touching long enough to photograph.

Welcome to Hell.


Misty said...

I so get this. **holding head in hands**

moo said...

Dear lord, please let this fetus be another boy. Thank you for your attention to this matter,

La Petite Chic said...

That face is too precious! And all of those Barbies are making me re-think my strong desire to have a baby girl :)

Kristie said...

The horse barbie comes with ribbons!!

I still cannot believe how tiny some of the pieces are. You're gonna find those pieces in random places for years to come. Ha!

Babies and Bundt Cakes said...

I'm so glad we haven't hit the Barbie craze yet! But I have a feeling when our girls get together again L will be wanting nothing more than her very own Barbie too. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

Biddy said...

oh dear gawd...i'm laughing so hard i'm about to pee myself!

i swear, barbies should come with a dozen of the SAME SHOE so the parents can keep them in a drawer and dole them out when needed instead of tearing the house up to find one damn shoe.

i did the barbie thing as a kid. i feel so incredibly sorry for my family.

and um...2nd to last barbie. is that Punk Ass Barbie riding a horse?

Sarah said...

So this is what I put my mom through!

Jenn Martinson said...

I guess you should be glad you were just looking for a shoe shoe and not Barbie and Ken's sex tape.

Heather said...

My daughter had nearly 70 Barbies by the end, plus a number of collectible ones still in boxes, some Kelly dolls, Skippers, Kens, dogs, 20 horses, a large mansion, a fold up house, a bakery, furniture out the wazoo, enough clothes to cover 1000 Barbies, a VW, a minivan, two stables, a horse trailer, shoes and dishes and brushes by the hundreds, and more I am sure I forget. We have given most of it away to my various nieces but it was like pulling hair to get her to give it all away.

When I was a kid, I had all hand me down Barbies with chewed off fingers and ratty hair, broken necks with the heads smashed down onto them, crappy clothes that were made by me or my sister, no kens, no houses or furniture, although someone did give me the old vinyl airplane. I always wanted the Barbie Rv, that thing was awesome. Hence, because I was so Barbie poor, I went into crazy overdrive when my kid started asking for them.

Staci said...

*sigh* i wish i had a girl.....im stuck with hot wheels, spiderman and soccer balls.....

surfed over from my bff's site (live laugh love)

THE Stephanie said...

Oh I started hiding the Barbies LONG ago... and I NEVER give them as gifts. Who in their right mind can put up with all of those tiny little accessories???

It's Barbie hell...

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

i never had a barbie...well, until my sister heard me say i never had one and then bought me one for my college graduation!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...girls need dolls with clothes and accessories and makeup and glitter and shoes and more stuff. Boys need a ball. Go figure...LOL