A-hunting we will go

My girl and I are off to the deer lease this morning. I am sorta tired of neither one of us seeing my hubby all weekend, every weekend. So, off to the deer lease. Weeeee!
Actually, I think it will be fun. He has a really nice camper, and somehow he and his friend rigged the satellite up, so we actually get to watch fun TV! (We will totally be watching the Texas v. Texas Tech game tonight! I don't really care who wins; I love both schools.) I'm bringing a book, lots of snacks, and toys for my girl. The only downside? My hubby said he killed a copperhead last night, right around the corner from the camper. Ick. Don't get me started on the snack stories from when I lived in Springtown! I'm telling you, that place taught me a lot about the crazy-ass creatures we've got hanging around!

I will post pics of my fairy princess on Sunday. Oh, and the lovely, gorgeous dress that I sooooo bought on Friday!


Jenn Martinson said...

That Texas/Texas game was Ah-mazing!! I am a fan of neither team but you can't avoid that stuff living in Austin. I've never seen a bar get so quiet so quickly in my whole life!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, you bought it! Good for you!

Now, what in fresh hell is a deer lease?