The President!, the dress, the haircut, the gift to myself, the fiasco of 2008

First off, can I just say SQUEEEEEE! I am estatic about the election of Barack Obama. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Republican or Democrat, you have to at least see that history has been made in this country, due to this election. It is fantastic. I am proud, excited, shocked, numb, and so very hopeful.
Would I have been all of those things if McCain won? Yes. Because I feel that both candidates had a wealth of information and experience to offer to our country. But I am more proud, more excited, more hopeful with Obama. This is history in the making. I don't even know what else to say!


Alright, I promised a picture of the coveted dress. I give you fair warning, I am all boobs, I swear. It is so damn annoying! My hubby says I look all scrunched up and frilly. Whatev.

I promise I'll post better pictures of this, after I'm done dealing with the house fiasco.

And lucky you, you get to see my haircut (which is now about 6 weeks old!) in the picture.

Next: The gorgeous bracelet I wore around the store for a good 45 minutes before I bought it. Again, my hubby says I am frilly. I am sure someone thinks it's gaudy, but I love it!

I am now calling this debacle with my house the Fiasco of 2008. They are going to have to gut my entire kitchen. The kitchen that is in the very center of my house. The kitchen that is all wood floors. And with the holidays coming up, along with the extent of the damage, they are saying it will be a good 2 months before it's done. And, it's bad enough that we have to move out. Soooooooo.....we will be moving all of our major things to a house that we are going to rent about 5 minutes from here. I was hoping for an apartment or condo or something, but this seems to be the best option for the time being. Soooooo, yeah.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support! We will make it through this, I am sure. I am thinking of it as a random adventure, so maybe that's why I am relatively okay with it all? I don't know. I am so thankful that we have good homeowner's insurance, and a good relationship with builders in the area, who are willing to open up their empty homes to us.

Anyone want to take a guess on just when I will be back in my house?? I'm taking a guess and going with January 18th, 2009. Maybe I should have some sort of silly contest?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dress (it matches the boobs VERY well there husband...pffa...like he could look that good in it or something) and I love the bracelet. Sigh. I WANT that store. All of it.

Canadian's are doing the happy dance up here with ya! We love your rhymes with Llama guy! Although.....as hubby pointed out over the bathroom sink this morning..."Didn't he steal that line from Bob the Builder?"

Crappy deal on the house...really crappy.

Mary O said...

That dress is so cute. Also love the bracelet. You did good!

I'm glad to hear that you guys are moving out for a while. I can't imagine trying to live in the construction-zone.

Sarah said...

oh you look darling! I am so glad you got it for yourself!

Jenn Martinson said...

I apologize in advance for being so shallow that I can't first empathize with your house drama to first comment on your clothes-
Dress: Effing cute as hell. Your boobies are fantastic in a Salma Hayek, not Pam Anderson kind of way
Bracelet: I wants. I have to start shopping where you shop.

No, don't jinx yourself by having a contest on when you'll move back in!!

jodifur said...

you look adorable!

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

The dress...and you in it...are beautiful!!! And the bracelet is completely a must have and is beautiful as well!

I personally think you should move here to New York while your house is being worked on! just sayin'!!!

Biddy said...

LOVE the dress and bracelet! i'm all boobs too...i feel your pain girl.

i'm putting jan 9 in the pot, but i'm hoping it will be sooner than that!

Anonymous said...

Whymomdrinksrum-All day Tuesday, I kept singing 'Bob the builder, yes we can!' and I absolutely DID NOT make the connection until this morning! I don't care if he did steal the line, it is awesome! :)
And yeah, the boobs. sheesh.

Mimi-Yeah, I don't think my husband could handle the dust and dirt if we stayed in the house while they fixed it. He's just too OCD.

Sarah-Thanks! I am so glad I made the purchase! Now I just need somewhere to wear this gorgeous dress!

coconutdiaries: Glad I have Selma Hayek's boobies! I feel all, CHEST-Y! So annoying.

Jodifur: Thanks! I love all the love you guys are giving me here. :)

LFM: Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could live in new york, sayyyy, RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOU?? :)

Biddy: The boobs. What can I say??

Raven said...

Holy crapola, sorry about the house shit!

You deserve to be as frilly as you want to be facing all that mess!

CP said...

I love love love the dress and the bracelet!

I too am all boobs (and stomach as well for me). Where do we put our boobs? I never buy dresses because I am at least 2 sizes bigger on top than on bottom.

Oh wait, this post was about you, not me. :)

I can't believe the house fiasco. I just am so so sorry you have to deal with all this right before the holidays.