Are you F-ing kiddin' me? Monday

I have some good posts coming up (if I do say so myself!!), but for now, on this freakin' freezing Monday, I am going to give you some random shit, and you.will.like.it.

Or not.


*I know way too many pregnant bloggers right now. Okay, maybe not "know" them face-to-face, but you know what I mean. I am so excited for all of them, but really, it sorta makes me jealous. I mean, wow. I am about to admit that I have a teeny tiny case of baby fever. Holy hell.

*And if I'm being perfectly honest with myself, and all of you, it is not a teeny tiny case of baby fever, but a holy-shit-i-want-another-baby-now!-let's-get-this-party-in-my-pants-started!-Really-want-pregnant-belly-and-cute-little-teeny-tiny-baby-outfits case of baby fever.

*I was attacked by geese awhile ago. I'll give you the condensed version: Feeding ducks and geese with my girl. Sitting in the grass right next to the edge of the water. About 50 ducks and geese get out of the water and surround us. They are not shy. They walk right up to us, within a few inches. All is well, until...we run out of bread and English muffins. Squawking, hissing, and webbed-feet stomping commences. I shoo them away. My girl tries to grab their tails. Most leave. Except 2 geese. One stands behind me, and is as tall, if not taller, than my girl. I tell it 'buh-bye', and it proceeds to peck (?) my head. And my face. And flap it's wings. So I jump up. And then it goes after my girl. Pecks her arms and shoulder. WTF?

*I have a mosquito bite on the bottom of each foot. It is hell scratching my feet all day. It tickles.

*It's 10 days before Christmas and I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to done with my shopping. Seriously, I've bought 5 gifts.

*I had just started reading All is Vanity by Christina Schwarz last week, when I left it at my doctor's office. Darn it. I've since started reading two other books, and I think I might be getting some characters confused! My mind must be tired of multi-tasking.

*I'm renting my textbooks for next semester on Chegg.com. They plant a tree for every book you rent or buy from them. How cool is that? And I actually emailed them to ask where the trees were being planted, and this time around, it's in an area of Guatemala. Fun!

*Still hate cold weather, just in case any of you were wondering. My fingers are icicles today.


moo said...

I think that you always want what seems like so much fun! But ... at the same time ... all the work and all the emotions ... they are not so much fun.

There have been a bumper crop of pregnancies. Tell you what: you can "borrow" my baby after its born to get your baby fever out, k?

Anonymous said...

Baby fever hasn't rally "hit" at our house, but my wife is having a hard time with not having another one also. 2 is enough for me thanks!

Kristie said...

Oh baby fever! I had it BAD a few months after Jackson was born. And now I just have other people's baby, fever.

CP said...

Ooooo- baby fever! No baby fever here but I still love babies. I'm going to be scrutinizing all of your Tweets now, you know.

Damn geese are aggressive.

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

Those geese! They are awful! The only ones worse are the swans...nasty little fowls.

Also? Mosquitoes? in December? That is such a foreign concept to us New Englanders!!!