Words from the weary

Every year, around this time, I say "NEXT YEAR, I am doing my Christmas shopping early!! I will be done by December 15th, I swear!" And every year, around this time, I am up in the middle of the night, making up for lost time. Time that was sucked up by someone getting sick (Last year the flu struck me on December 22 in about 5 minutes. I crawled to the couch, and cried because I was so cold, but the blanket literally hurt my body. I also ended up watching Mary Poppins, which may have been the highlight of that fiasco)(This year, my girl projectile-vomited all over herself in the car while Christmas shopping. And then puked 4 more times at home, every time she ate something bland, drank some water, or even thought about doing either one.).

This year, besides the sickness, I have just been too damn busy with school, work, and just LIFE in general. (By the way, since I'm apparently doing lots of asides in this post: I got all A's this semester! I rock! Have I mentioned that before?? Hmmf. Well, deal with it!)

So, tonight I was at Toys'r'Us at 10pm, getting last minute gifts. Then I was at JCPenney, snorting like a piggie with my mom, because she was making me laugh so hard.

I don't have enough wrapping paper. I have not done my food shopping yet. I still have several things to get. And then my husband informs me that he 'may' have bought me a 'small' gift, even though he made the decision that we weren't giving each other gifts this year (the whole backyard/landscaping thing is our gift). So now I'm scrambling, trying to come up with an idea of what to get him. Sheesh.

I am exhausted already.

I swear to you, if I get a couple of free minutes that don't involve puke, baking, wrapping paper, tape, or stupid stockings that won't stay hung on the mantle, damn it, I will post something a bit more witty/funny/intelligent/worth-reading.

Until then, Fill-eeees Nav-eeeeed-donna (Feliz Navidad, spoken by the 3 year old in the house).


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, maybe you should just hire someone to do your shopping? Like me! I start in January. Because I'm LAME that's why!

Sorry your girl is sick though...projectile is never good. Ever.

Congrats on the As!!!! You DO ROCK!

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, it's almost like you're human.

In the natural body products section of grocery stores they have some really kick-ass soaps. I bought my guy some lemon-grass stuff, which I'll probably end up stealing.

Anonymous said...

I hear your pain. Between my work, my wife quitting her job, EVERYONE in the family getting sick and the crappy weather here, getting it all done is next to impossible! Hope your daughter gets better and may your Christmas be filled with fun stuff tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I've decided to sit on my couch and watch 24 hour runs of Clean House. I think it's safer because the amount of vomit, road rage, and kids shouting "mom, mommy, MOM!" are greatly reduced.

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

This year for some reason was just nuttier than the rest. Every year I think, hey, I know, I'll buy a present a month and the time 12 months are up, I'll have my Christmas shopping done, but then I can't store stuff for that long in my house and birthdays roll around and I wind up scrambling for presents at the last minute...every. year. It's a never ending cycle that just doesn't end. I am so glad it's over now though and we took our tree down yesterday so I can say goodbye to the stress that was this holiday season.

Unknown said...

It would be so nice to reach December and have all the gifts bought. No last minute having to come up with something quick. I have ideas all through out the year and then the time comes and I'm blank. I've been writing it down. If I don't write it it's lost. It's the only way I can function to remember.