First post of the new year

Rather than laminate about my stupid resolutions (lose 20lbs., stop cussing around my girl, spend more time with those I love, blah blah BLAH), I decided that I would start this-
I am taking it from Chibijeebs at One Fine Neurotic Mess, who took it from Schmutzie at Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come:

Schmutzie's idea was to post 5 things, each day, that have graced her life. Chibijeebs just posts a thing that graces her life, randomly, 365 total. I'm a bit more random, like Chibijeebs, so that's how I'm going to do it. It's thoughtful and kind and it will do me good to remember the grace and blessings in my life.
One for each day of the year, so far:
1. A husband who cleans the kitchen after I spend an hour cooking a new recipe.
2. The soft gloves I got for Christmas, that have come in very handy today (no pun intended!).
3. The ability to shop for health insurance and know that I can afford it.
4. Waking up to a soft kiss on the cheek from my little girl every morning.
5. Dogs who seem to forgive my absence, and are so very excited to see me every day.
In unrelated news, I have done the 30 Day Shred twice, and only Level One because, quite frankly, I am an out-of-shape wuss! I was panting, sweating, gasping, and I do believe there may have been some farting involved, but I'm blaming that all on my sister and the dogs. My sister joined me the first time, and someone had the bright idea to bring the dogs to the temporary house for the night, where they proceed to hover over and around us while we quickly died on the floor. Jillian is one rough bitch! But, wow, if I could have her arms.....
I will not quit you Jillian, even though I am limping like someone stuffed something in the rear end of my pants, and I whimper with each step I take.


CP said...

Just bypass levels 1 and go for level 3. That's what I did and I wonder why I had no six pack that Jillian said I should have by now.

I always wondered what trainers do when their clients fart. Because you know they do. Especially in the morning- wakeup exercise farts.

Chibi said...


I'm still working on Chebbar in the "I cooked it so you've gotta clean it" department, but he's getting there. A hubby that cleans up is a wonderful thing. (And the workout farts made laugh out loud.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back & good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just started The Shred, thought I was a badass so I started on level 2 and died. Now I am back to level 1.

And if I do ONE more push up or jumping jack...

Anonymous said...

oOOO, me too! Well, not the 365 day thing. I'm way to cranky to do that. But I have a hubby who cleans up after my mahem in the kitchen. His mom does it for me too. Awwwwwwwww!

Unknown said...

the moves in Shred seem so simple and look easy but they're not. Right?! Wait until Level 2 when you have to do this chair squat with a V-box. It's impossible! Is it worth it? I mean, I want snacks damn it!