Things remembered

My great-grandfather, Grandpa Sal, was a phenomenal man. He was a songwriter, a talented musician, funny, kind, and so loving. I loved him dearly.
He used to send me silly letters that he had typed. I still have a few. They were so funny. He would purposely leave the typos, and poke fun at himself for them. I treasure them. I would actually like to frame them, I think, and add them to my family wall.

Grandpa Sal bought me my first clarinet, when he found out I was going into band. I still have it. It is not the highest quality, but it worked for several years. I will not get rid of it, ever. My brother used it when he was in band (can you believe he was a band geek?? Me?-Yes. Him?-Nah.)
My father has Grandpa Sal's piano. I still remember it in his last home in Florida. He sat down and played me several songs. I sat on a chair, and stared at a spot on the back of his neck. Back straight, arms furiously moving, and a beautiful smile on his face. I would be so humbled to have it in my home someday, for one of my children to learn to play on it, and know that their great-great Grandfather put his fingers on the same ivory keys.
He played in an orchestra. He had a swing/salsa-type band. He wrote lyrics and music. My father has some of his sheet music. I would like to frame that as well, someday.
When I was a baby, he wrote a song for me. The lyrics, the score, everything. My Nana (his daughter) sang it. I still have the cassette tape. How cool is that?
I don't know much more about him, but I wish I did. But what I know, I cherish.
I remember he came to visit us once. It was around Christmas, and we decided to go to this well-known neighborhood in the area to look at Christmas lights. My father got lost. We never found the place, so my Grandpa Sal started 'Oooooooo'ing and 'Ahhhhh'ing at every red and green light he saw, mostly the stoplights. He was cracking us up. At one point, we were at a red light, and my mom had rolled the window down, and my Grandpa Sal yelled loudly, 'No Christmas lights! It STINKS!' A car next to us thought that he was yelling at them, and proceeded to follow us to a gas station, where they threatened to kick my father's ass when he tried to explain. My mother ended up taking her high heel off and clocking one of them in the head. My Grandpa Sal sat in the backseat of the car with me, laughing at my mother. That gas station is gone now, but anytime I drive by that spot, I think of him.
He made a doll for me. It's a little figurine. It has crazy hair, and I love it.

It is these things that mean more than anything to me. These things that cannot be replaced, cannot be re-done, these things that travel from family member to family member, made with love, given with joy. If I had to give up all the foo-foo 'stuff' that fills my life, I would be fine, as long as I could keep my treasured family things. Pictures, cookbooks, letters, little knick-knacks.
(Sidenote: We still occasionally yell 'It STINKS!' just for the memory. )


Kristie said...

Awwww, what sweet memories of your family! It's the funny ones that we remember the most sometimes. Love the doll, too!

Sarah said...

wow, those are some great memories and some wonderful tokens from the past to hang on to. Thanks for sharing

CP said...

Amazing memories! Hang on to these. I'm so glad you wrote it here so you'll always have it.

Scott said...

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Thanks so much

Jannie Funster said...

I wouldn't give up my family foo-foo either!

Your grandfather , what a joy he must've been. And living on through those letters, and the song he wrote for you.

Both my grand-dads died before I was born but it is always good to hear about someone else's happy memories of theirs.

DANIELLE!!! THANK YOU for the totally awesome incredible box of Christmas goodies. The peanut brittle! The notepads, the journal, the hankies, the spiced pears, the YUMMI EARTH'S!! Everything. 'Way 'way above and beyond the call of blogger duty! The junk I gave you was so lame in comparison. So I totally owe you!


La Petite Chic said...

Your grandfather sounds like such an incredibly interesting man. Thanks for sharing your stories of him :)

Unknown said...

sounds like a great man, that is totally awesome