We could all use a little dose of hope

If you read my posts regularly, you will find that I am not only silly, sassy, and a total klutz, but I am also sensitive, nostalgic, and empathetic. I truly feel others' pain, and sometimes at the expense of my own feelings, my own self.

At the same time, I continue to find faith, hope, and love in all things, no matter how teeny tiny. I was emailed this clip, and it sat in my inbox for a few days before I got to it.

This morning, I was thinking of all the things I worry about in this life, all the things I miss, all the things I wish for. And then I happened to remember I had some emails to check, and I watched this video.

Take a look, and find a little hope today.

Get Back Up


Anonymous said...

Silly, sassy ... sensitive, nostalgic and empathetic ....

I so relate to all of these feelings!! Personally, I think they are pretty awesome traits! Don't ever change sister!!

And thanks for the video. Totally. Awesome.

Sarah said...

wow, that video. Thanks for sharing it with me...talk about perspective