Filler Friday-The Vegas/Exercise/Jonas Brothers Addition

If you want pictures of anything interesting, you're pretty much shit outta luck. If I'm not the one taking pictures, no pictures are ever taken. And honestly, I haven't perfected the art of photographing myself. And my husband purposely looks downright miserable every time I try to get a decent picture of him. (I'm trying not to psycho-analyze that one).

So here's what you get:

These are all the pictures I took. I think there may be a few more, but they are probably of the same stuff. There's a conservatory in the Bellagio Hotel, and it's full of gorgeous flowers. It was bright, fragrant, and calming (other than the constant stream of 4,000 people coming to take pictures of all of it). The hotel was full of orchids, wisteria, tulips, and my favorite are the poppies (above).

Highlights of Vegas:

  • Helicopter ride over the Strip in the evening (soooo cool, but too short for the $)
  • Seeing a couple of famous people that I knew were famous, but didn't know their names
  • The Cirque de Soleil 'O' show-PHENOMENAL!
  • Mimosas at 9am, 3pm, and 2am
  • The seafood buffet at Mirage......lobster tails, 2 different kinds of crab legs, crab cakes, scallops, mussells, clams, shrimp.....omg, i could live there!
  • One of the best meals ever at Prime Steakhouse (the filet melted in my mouth, I swear)
  • Meeting Jerry Jones (picture below), owner of the Dallas Cowboys, (and his wife), currently building the most massive stadium I've ever seen (picture below, that I took this week while driving to class)

I won't bother to tell you how we were locked out of our room, four times. Yes, four times. As in, a technician had to replace the whole damn door knob and card/key mechanism, twice. Maddening. The last time it happened, it was about 1am Sunday morning, and OMG, we were hungry and I just wanted to take my damn sexy shoes off. While we waited, we sat on the floor in front of our door. Some employee of the hotel told us it was hotel policy that we weren't allowed to sit on the floor. Wha???? So then she makes us walk down the hall and sit in two chairs next to the elevator. And then the room service arrived that we had ordered before we went to our room and discovered that we were locked out. So we had to eat it in the hallway, by the elevators. Good times.

Other than that (and the fact that I don't like to gamble 24 hours a day), it was a nice trip. It was nice to get away and go somewhere different. I read two books, I slept in, I window shopped, and ohhhhh, did I people watch!

As far as my other anxieties, everything was fine. I did go to Victoria Secret (Did you hear the GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ??), but only to find out that my boobs are getting bigger, not to buy anything particularly slimming. H was likable, funny, and ZOMG, I am really going to say this: we have a lot in common! GASP. (Other than the teeny tiny detail that I'm not a dirty whore who hits on other people's husbands!) No, really, we had a good time together, and on more than one occasion, it ended up being just me and her by ourselves. And it wasn't awkward. And she behaved around my husband. And here I am to tell you: I think maybe that dirty whores can change. And: I think I can forgive. (Am I growing up, or what??)

My girl did fine with my in-laws, although the first phone conversation with her involved tears (hers), whining (hers), and desperation (me). "But I waaaaaaaaaaaant you, Mommy!" All in all though, she didn't fall in their pool, she didn't starve, she didn't choke on the cigarette smoke, and she seemed to have fun! Whew.

I have completely decided that a girls' trip to Vegas needs to be in the works this year. I want to go with people who want to EAT and people watch and sleep in, get up hung over, get drunk by the pool, take a nap, and then go to all the fun clubs all night, only to do it all over again the next day. And maybe, we will throw in a few nickel slots. Who's with me?? Seriously, I would love to do it sometime this year...maybe in the early fall? Flights and hotels are CHEAP right now.


Exercise. Blah. I came home from Vegas feeling like a total fat ass. So, I have decided that I am going to wake up early every morning (okay, okay, maybe 5 days a week) and work out while everyone else is snoring. If I don't get into that routine, I fear I will never get into a workout routine and will need a crane to lift my ass out of my house. I just have so much going on, that I don't have it in me to do it consistently at the end of the day. So.

This morning: I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. For a bit. But I did get up, and did Levels 1 and 2 of the shred. I am soooo over the f-ing jumping jacks and jump rope. When I was done, I was sweaty, starving, but awake. And I feel great right now! Woohoooooo


Does anyone know anyone who loves the Jonas Brothers? Anyone know anyone that would be interested in seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert here in Texas? Since my husband has season tickets at the new Cowboys stadium, he is able to buy tickets before they go on sale. And...he bought Jonas Brothers tickets. I have no idea why. But, if you know someone who really wants to go, drop me an email or leave me a comment with your email, and I can give you details (seats, prices, date).

Yep, that's about it. Happy Friday!


PBPDesigns said...

Saw the snail made of flowers and thought I was on Lilfootsmommy's blogsite, but I knew she didn't go to Vegas. Hope you had a good time. I'm in for the girls trip, but between the impending job change and move who knows when. Maybe October sometime if I'm not there in August for tournaments...

Kristie said...

I haven't been to Vegas in years, I'd love to go again someday.

Welcome home and I'm so glad you had a good time!!

CP said...

ME (Vegas, not the Jonas Brothers, sorry) :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great trip! Nice pics of butterflies & flowers, but none of the sexy shoes??? LOL

Aaaaand...I would LOVE to take the wife to Vegas for a weekend. But it would have to be before football season. I'm hoping that I get to work at that new palace...er...stadium that your boy Jimmy built there...

Kim/2 Kids said...

Okay, is that snail edible? I loved the show 'O', the best I've seen in a long time. Vegas is always fun for a short time, especially for a birthday party. Glad you had fun,

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo! Ahhh, Bellagio. That's where we always stay...Prime is the BEST. We always have at least one meal there...and 'O' is also amazing!

Wish I was there with you!

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

FIRST...ZOMGGGGGGGGGG...A SNAIL...made of FLOWERS...ZOMG...so adorable!!!! Did you steal it for me? Huh huh huh...didja didja didja!!!

SECOND...I have no desire whatsoever to go to Vegas...soooooo hot...waaahhhhhhh...but I might make an exception depending on job status by then just so I can meet and see you!!!