Where I bitch like a 90 year old woman

My girl loves to go to a local pizza buffet because of the little game room. We spend $4 in quarters to get her little miniature figurines (aliens, cows, turtles) and little plastic things full of cavity-inducing candy. Usually, the pizza is great. But, I am pretty sure we have officially crossed this place off of our list after our last experience.

Not only was the buffet full of spongy, several-hour-old pizza, but the salad bar was downright scary, and the ice machine was empty. And we were not there towards the end of the evening, when you would expect it to be like this. The place was pretty packed, and the pizza sucked!! (I can't get past that part, can you tell?)

But what really got us was the fact that there was not one single adult working. They were all teens. And I know I sound like a 90 year old crab-ass woman when I say this, but Why the hell are there no adults running this place??

They were all talking, laughing, having a grand old time (90 year old crab-ass again) ignoring the patrons (crab-ass) and their job duties (crab-ass). I didn't say anything at first, because I didn't want my husband to think I was complaining (like a 90 year old crab-ass), but he said something first.

"Does your pizza taste old?"

Then he noticed that two of the employees, both male, had long, fuzzy, gross hair and that neither of them were wearing hairnets. One looked like he had a damn chia pet for a ponytail and the other one had the greasiest hair all in his face. Ick.

No hairnets. Ick. (crab-ass)

We both looked at each other and said "We aren't coming back".

As we were leaving, one of the employees yelled to another "No, she's in the back tripping again". Like, tripping-acid tripping?! (crab-ass) I didn't stay to ask.

Goodbye, pizza place!


Sarah said...

Um that would make me mad (and grossed out)too!

Heather said...

On no honey, that would be off my list too! I thought that they were reporting in the news that kids can't even FIND jobs because the adults are taking them all. I haven't seen any truth in that around my neck of the woods either.

Lost In Splendor said...

I hate to bring this up, but tripping could also mean doing something sexual. (I know!) Or it could just mean slacking off or having a fit. It's versatile slang!

As for the rest, I do not blame you. You're paying money for food and you should get what you pay for. I hate it when they leave places to be run by teenagers...and somewhere serving food? That's very irresponsible.

Listen, I know teens need jobs, but I turn into a 90 year old crab ass when I know so many adults out of work who would take anything and there are all these teens working and slacking off. It irks me.

Misty said...

Nasty just doesn't even seem to do this justice....

Anonymous said...

Um...seriously...there are like...a gazillion pizza places. OMG! Why don't you just go somewhere else?

You old people...geez