Blue- the new red -OR- Why I look like a nutcake while driving down the road

I always thought that bugs were attracted to the color red? Am I wrong about this? Well, apparently I am, because I have a blue Jeep, and it attracts more bugs than a pile of trash.

A couple of weeks ago, I climbed into my Jeep, only to discover a bumble bee on my leg. I squealed, threw my body against the door, and practically fell out onto the ground. It flew off peacefully, as I stood there panting, heart pounding.

Last week it was nice enough to have the top off on my Jeep. At a red light, I looked up to see a wasp land on my visor, and slowly make it's way towards my head. I squealed and took off when the light turned green. It flew off. The next day, some weird little spider showed up, dropping down on it's little thread right in front of me as I was driving. Again, the squeal. This time, I searched for a napkin, and I proceeded to attack the damn thing. But when I looked down at the napkin, there was no spider. Again, the squeal. I threw the napkin in the floorboard, only to catch the spider, now minus a leg or two, hanging out on my gearshift. I flicked it towards the passenger side of my Jeep, and haven't seen it since. I just don't.want.to.know.

Yesterday, as I was driving down the road, my girl discovered a lady bug in the Jeep. She played with it for a few minutes until finally letting it fly out the window.

This morning, I had the windows open in the Jeep. While sitting at a red light, a bee flew in and cold-cocked me in the side of the head. Again, I squealed, flung my arms around like a nutcake, and it landed on my passenger seat. And...hung out. It didn't fly off for several minutes, and I was starting to sweat, thinking it was creating a game plan for it's attack. When I got out of the Jeep, it took off behind me.

Seriously, is it Attack of the Bugs again?


Jennie said...

The absolute worst is when you see a bug in the car, freak out with arms flailing and it goes MISSING. I've done the nervous "where did the spider go?" look around the entire way to work before.

I hate this time of year for the mosquitoes and bugs alone.

Anonymous said...

Do people stare? You know...you keep this up and you'll be on YouTube.

I hate bugs. For the record.

CP said...

I think you need to close the windows and use AC. hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Here is just a thought...if you don't like bees, wasps or any other little critter that likes to fly through the air...you might want to consider (and I'm just saying CONSIDER) putting the top back on your jeep. I'm just saying CONSIDER. Maybe that is a little far fetched...but it might be better than you driving off the road and landing in a pond where the fish can then attack you! And then you have THAT to worry about! LOL

And now you can come over to Facebook and poke me several times repeatedly...

TUWABVB said...

I remember I creeped my mom out one day as a little girl when I asked her if someone died in a car crash could they tell if there was a bug in the car. That is my BIGGEST fear - driving down the highway and be trapped with something furry and flying. AGH!

just a girl... said...

cracking me up. This is why I never wanted a jeep. One time their was a spider in my explorer. When I saw it I screamed it was on the drivers side window. Every time I screamed it ran away. A few minutes later it came back and I screamed again.I cannot handle bugs in the car. Its is a driving hazard for sure.

This post had me cracking up, thank you for that.