The coming of Issac

Recently I mentioned my friend who is going to be giving birth to a baby with Anencephaly. Well, her sweet baby Isaac is coming sooner than originally thought. Instead of the beginning of May, baby Isaac will now be here April 8th. And while I have issues, concerns, stresses of my own, I have spent a lot of time this week, usually in the dead of the night, thinking about her, Issac, how fragile life is, how confusing the whole situation is. I am sad, but I know my sadness does not equal even the teeniest tiniest part of the tip of her iceberg of sadness.
Like this post, I am feeling ungrateful for my blessings. I know that I am blessed, am thankful for it, and try to keep in the forefront of my mind this fact. However, right now, I feel self-absorbed, selfish, and ungrateful for my blessings. How can I be crying over things (very important to me) when baby Isaac will not live? How can I grow angry at my daughter when she flat-out refuses to sit on her ass for 2 seconds during dinner, when baby Isaac will not go home from the hospital? Why am I complaining about the 'need' to find a tropical beach to rest, when Misty and her family are finding a way to plan and pay for a funeral?
Please, all I'm asking is that, if you pray, please pray for Misty and her family. Pray for a safe delivery, a sufficient amount of life for baby Isaac, so that all those who love him can hold him, cuddle him, lay eyes on this gift. If you don't pray, think positive thoughts or send good vibes her way.


Misty said...

Thank you, Love.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I can't imagine... they will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.

CP said...

We are all praying for Misty, baby Issac and their family. What a hard hard thing to have to go through.

Don't discount your feelings in the process though! They are still valid. It's not a comparison; everyone's feelings are valid. Hang in there!

TUWABVB said...

I'm very flattered my dear. And I am praying for your friend and her family and especially, her baby angel.

I think there's a happy medium between not appreciating anything, and realizing your problems are your problems and they can affect you even if they are not as horrific as something that a friend is experiencing. It's a matter of perspective - we can't be too harsh on ourselves, because sometimes the little things make me crazy - but it's nice to take them time to appreciate life every now and then. :)

Lost In Splendor said...

I will definitely be sending good thoughts her way. I hope baby Issac is born safe and healthy.

I know what you mean though, I'll be in my own world upset about something and then I'll hear what someone else is going through and I can't believe how ungrateful I have been about my own life.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the strength and courage people show in such circumstances. Praying for Misty and her family.